Tales from the Trail: “Look mom, no hands!”

One of the things I love about my daily morning trysts on the Seminole Wekiva Trail are the awesome and inspirational people I encounter. They come in all shapes sizes and ages, and most move their assets on a daily basis.

So there’s this one guy I see every single morning on his bicycle and he always waves hello with a great smile from ear to ear. I never get to talk to him because he moves at lightning speed like the freakin’ Road Runner.

Road runner
The remarkable thing is that I’ve never once seen him put his hands on the handle bars, not once. He rides with his arms folded in front of him and in a totally perfect and upright posture.

He does move one arm, however, to wave as he says, “Good morning” to everyone who passes by. In the colder months he actually keeps his hands in his jacket pocket (takes one out to wave hello, of course).

I love and hate this “no-handed” biking at the same time. I love it because you get to practice a beautiful upright posture instead of mimicking that hunched-over-the-computer posture that I’m trying to get you away from.

I hate it because it scares the crap out of me. You know me–having a balance problem and all (and you can read a lot more about that in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!) so I can’t help but get a little verdreht (perplexed) when I see this “unarmed” man!

Who is that unarmed man?

Finally for the first time ever, I was able to approach this unarmed bicyclist because he was unparking from the bike rack on the Trail by Panera Bread and he was actually using his hands to unpark his bike. And you know me: any chance for a book or blog interview and I move my assets right in there.

So I introduced myself as The Asset Queen, told him about my Better Butts by Beth asset-moving business, my book, yada yada yada and assured him that I am not a stalker and simply enjoy hearing stories from avid asset movers. Here he is:

Dexter 2013-05-31
And here’s what I learned about this man in less than 5 minutes:

  • His name is Dexter (not to be confused with the infamous vigilante serial killer from the Showtime series).
  • He is a really nice and pleasant guy and enjoyed sharing his story.
  • He is 70 years old. ( I thought he was about 60.)
  • He had a heart attack at 65!

“My heart attack in April 2008 was a ‘stealth’ attack that easily could have killed me,” Dex told me. “I got really lucky we caught it because all I had was a bit of unusual left shoulder pain. The surgeon told me in the O/R that I had lost 10-15% of my heart muscle.”

And how is Dex today — 5 years later? “My cardio doctor says I’ve built my heart back up to pretty close to 100%. He can tell from the blood work. Amazing.”

Amazing is right! But wait there’s more:

  • He bikes 9 miles 5 days a week.
  • He was a runner for years, before he had his heart attack, so asset moving is not new to him.
  • He has a balance problem…HUH??

This latter fact was prompted my comment, “I admire that you can ride a bicycle and never touch the handles. I have a balance problem and it’s difficult enough for me to simply ride a bicycle.”

His reply: “I have a balance problem, too!”

Obviously bewildered I replied, WTF!! Just kidding, I wasn’t that blunt, but I did ask, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

He went on to say that he finds it difficult to walk on uneven surfaces (and you already know that sandy beaches are not my friend) and that roller blading and unarmed cycling really help him.

OMG really?

I find both those forms of asset moving very uncomfortable and avoid them like the plague. I guess I’m just a wimp when it comes to certain things and even though practice makes perfect the chances of me attempting to bike ride armless or roller blade are extremely slim.

“I have always faced my adversities head on,” Dex told me, “so rollerblading and riding no-hands just fit right in. Even though I cannot walk on a railroad track at all. <grin>”

You already know my motto: “The best exercise is the one you’ll do and enjoy…the one that brings out your inner asset queen.” And I have a plethora of favorites that bring her out so tell Dexter not to expect me to join him any time soon; a passing wave on the trail will suffice.

Don’t miss this!

Please do not miss the fact that Dexter continues his asset moving (now 9) years after his heart attack, with his doctors permission of course, and his doctors say his heart is back to “pretty close to 100%”! Wow! 

As I explain so eloquently in the section of my book called, “Why should I move my assets, when they don’t want to move?” asset movers have a much better chance of surviving as well as getting a new lease on life than asset sitters do.

Case in point, the Man ee ac (my 90-year-old dad who had a visit with the Grim Reaper at 65.) Yes, you will read more about him in my book, along with many other fascinating asset movers!

Road runner 2

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives. MoveYourAssets.com


Email: Bethanne@moveyourassets.com

We need to move our assets!

When Mom used to warn, “Don’t go outside with wet hair in the cold or you’ll catch cold,” what she really should have said was, “Get your assets off the couch!”

It is a myth that the former will get you sick. Not only will the latter get you sick, but it will absolutely increase your risk of heart attack and, therefore, increase your risk of death!

In my upcoming book, Move Your Assets…From the Chair, Not the Bank, my goal is to get your assets up and moving!

I’m not even talking about exercise; I’m talking about moving your body from point A to point B, carrying groceries up the stairs, actually walking into the bank (instead of the drive-up window,) and walking down the hall to your co-worker’s office (instead of sending an email 12 feet away!). 

I refuse to “sell out” to technology, which is why I’m still using one of those giant, 80s car phones with the adjustable antenna LOL!

Cell phone--old

My giant 80s cell phone

Ok, I’m exaggerating just a bit but let me call a spade a spade. The most unfit people I know — the ones who are overweight, take lots of meds to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and have lots of aches and pains — are ones that over-indulge in iPhones, social media, and other amazing technological advancements that have replaced the use of, well, our muscles! 

In this astounding scene from the movie Wall-E, this “future man” glides around in a motorized flying car without having to use a muscle in his body—not even to order food!

In the movie, humans have become useless tubs of blubber, boneless and muscle-less. They’ve atrophied because of years of non use…not a pretty sight!

He actually falls out of the car and has no clue how to get himself up, let alone back into the vehicle. He is helpless and lifeless without his high-tech car.

Something terrifying tells me that we are all heading to this point if we continue to let gadgets, technology and conveniences replace what we all inherently know: We need to move our assets! 

OK, Bethy, tell us how you really feel!

Don’t worry, I’ll be a little more blunt in my book (ha ha!).

Meanwhile I want to share an awesome, MUST-READ article. Just in case you're rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth and don’t believe a thing I say, click here to find out Just How Dangerous Is Sitting All Day.


Move your assets….and save your brain! (Really!)

Don't avoid coming to awesome classes like FUNIQ, Zumba, kickboxing, etc. just because you think you're uncoordinated and can't get the moves! You can actually learn to be coordinated while training your brain.

My clients who say they are dyslexic and rhythm-less have actually learned coordination and how to tell their right foot from their left–and they've done it in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. No kidding!

Brain dancingOh and of course they got themselves in awesome shape as a bonus.

Every article I've been reading lately on treatment of depression as well as prevention of Alzheimer's lists dance as one of the best ways to elevate your mood as well as improve your brain function.

People who exercise regularly have about half the risk of developing Alzheimer's and dementia as people who don't move their assets.

You want more proof? Read this: 3 Ways Exercise Feeds Your Brain


Hey, America! Get Up and “Move Your Assets”!

Last month I spent 10 wonderful days in Provence, France. One of the most profound things I noticed is that people walk everywhere, not for exercise but for transportation! (Hmm…walking for a purpose other than exercise? Does that even exist here in the US?) 

One of my major philosophies, which I elaborate on in my upcoming book Move Your Assets, is that if you move for a purpose (other than for fitness) the fitness and weight loss will come! 

Everywhere I went in France, I snapped pictures of crowds. What do you (not) see in these pictures?

France continued 082
  France continued 083

France continued 084
You guessed it; not one obese person! (And I have a bunch more photos like these!)

Not so in the US. Congrats to us…we just won the title of  “Fattest Developed Country in the World.” For the most part, Americans drive everywhere: to the supermarket a half mile away, to the drive-thru (for a 500-calorie coffee LOL), and more.

Heck, kids don’t even walk to bus stops anymore like in the good old days. In my neighborhood, parents drop their kids off at bus stops two blocks from their house. 

We leave our shopping carts in the parking lot because we don’t want to walk 100 feet to return them to the store, let alone to the cart holders that are two spaces away! Hey, we even move our car around the mall parking lot because we’re too lazy to walk!

Do I sound a little frustrated? Well, yeah, I just got another ding on my car because someone let a cart slam into it at the grocery store the other day. How do I know? The cart was still there!

The bottom line? We move (way) less and at the same time eat (way) more. And it’s affecting OUR bottom line. We are the only country in the world to be increasing seat sizes in theme parks, restaurants, theatres, and airplanes to accommodate larger “assets.” And we're the only country where residents can acquire motorized scooters by being too overweight to walk. Congrats again!

According to The Orlando Sentinel, all three area theme parks—Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld—have all had to work to accommodate plus-size customers.

Don’t believe me? Read it yourself: Orlando theme parks, businesses work to accommodate plus-size customers

In 2009, more than 60% of Americans were overweight and half of those were “grossly obese.” This is the average American. Is this where YOU want to be?

Get up right now! Windex your kitchen, walk the dog, play catch with your kid, walk to 7-Eleven. I don’t care what you do; just "move your assets" and don’t be a statistic!