More than 17,000 Facebook likes?

Are you kidding me?

Just begging for a close-up [of your arteries, maybe]…introducing McDonald's new Quarter Pounder Burgers.

McDonald's quarter pounder
THIS got 17,000 Facebook likes? Wow…just shows you what (unfortunately) most Americans like!!

HMMM maybe this is part of the reason why the U.S. was crowned the world's fattest (developed) country???

Please do not miss all the "nutrition" info of this burger. You can find it right here. The quarter pounder with cheese has:

  • 520 calories (240 of them from fat)
  • 26 grams of fat

Not enough fat for you? Then try the double quarter pounder with cheese:

  • 750 calories (380 of them from fat)
  • 43 grams of fat

Okay, they both have 2% of your daily allotment of Vitamin C, so there is some benefit!

On second thought, maybe all those Facebook "likes" were for the little yellow pepper…ya think????

Bethy’s tip of the day: The best 20 cents you may ever invest!

I was at the airport a few weeks ago and I got into a conversation with a woman from Jamaica (the island, not Queens NY LOL).

She told me she misses the fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables that she ate in her hometown.

Fruits and veggies
She said that in order to remove the smell and taste of pesticides (EWWWWW) off the lovely fruits and vegetables produced in the US, she sprays a concoction of water and vinegar (HMMM!).

So I googled this and she's absolutely right. Not only does a 3-to-1 ratio of water-to-vinegar help remove pesticides that are on the outside of fruits and veggies, but it also KILLS 98% of bacteria. Holy crap!!

And each bottle of water-and-vinegar mix costs you about 20 cents!

Piggy bank
That's a fraction of the cost of those expensive concoctions you buy in the grocery store.

Check it out here and here— complete with "recipe" and instructions.

Hey, if something completely edible and non-toxic is that useful, it sounds like a no-brainer to moi!

OK vinegar may not help you move your assets but it also kills toenail fungus so your feet will be prettier when they move your assets all over town!

And since my goal in life is to get you to "move more and eat less (crap)," if I can convince you to reach for a healthy, yummy apple instead of a bag of fat-laden chips or cookies, my job here is done.

Well, not quite done. I have lots more tips for you coming right up. Watch this space….

Food heart

Bethy’s thought of the day: So which one are you?

Love this! It's section 2 of my upcoming book — Move Your Assets: From the Chair not the Bank — all in one awesome poster!

You can eat your way to a healthier lifeAnother incredible visual (from Recipes for Gals in Figure and BodyBuilding) to help us all remember, you are what you eat. 🙂

So which one are you — the one on the left or the one on the right?

Eat like Bethy eats and never diet again! Part 2–swaps and recipes

So is it beginning to sink in? “Cut the crap (namely the fats and the sugary stuff) not the carbs!” 

In my last post I shared with you “4 tips to eat like me…and never diet again!” You can read why carbs are not your problem; the fat and sugar are.

And you can see my before and after pix so you know this really works. I'm 45 and in the best shape I've ever been in my life–because this is how I eat 90% of the time.

Now I want to give you some of my favorite “swaps, tips, and recipes” to help you eat like me. (And you'll notice how well I use the World’s Healthiest Foods list!)

I love to have my cake and eat it too. I love my red wine and I love a Chinese buffet every so often.  That’s why 90% of the time my food choices are very healthy. And my clients who do the same are in the best shape of their lives. Not only do they look leaner, but their cholesterol and blood sugar is lowered…woo hoo!!

My 5 fav tips and swaps

1. NEVER put dressing ON your salad!

You are doing yourself an injustice if you ask for it on the side and then pour it on your salad anyway. That’s hundreds of calories.

Instead ask for dressing on the side and then take a fork-full of salad and dip your fork into your dressing before each bite. (That’s a tip from Jack LaLanne.) You’ll be amazed how much less dressing you use.

2. Hold the mayo!

Don't use mayo-based dressing or spreads (which are almost all fat) on salads or sandwiches. Instead use salsa, mustard or balsamic vinegar and roasted sesame seeds.

3. One fat and one protein per salad please!

If you have cheese on your salad, that means no bacon and no mayo-based dressing! (“Cobb” and “lettuce wedges” are not “salads”; they are just a bunch of fats and some protein lying on a bed of water!)

4. Try not to add cheese to your sandwich.

It’s more than 50% fat. You probably don’t really taste the cheese anyway. How about avocado instead? It’s much tastier! (Yes, avocado has fat but the healthy kind your body needs.)

5. Add cucumber slices, with skin, to your water and keep refilling.

It will be so refreshing and make you want to drink more water without added calories or "fake sugar!" Adding lime with cucumber is tasty, too!

And my 4 fav recipes

1. Bethy's tuna salad

If you mix tuna with mayo, can you really call it a “salad?” Half of my tuna salad is chopped onions, cukes, celery and carrots; the other half is tuna. Then I add a little light mayo, dill, lemon and whatever spices you like.

Bethy's version of tuna SALAD 001
2. Bethy's great breakfast or lunch

1 slice of whole-grain or multi-grain toast with1 sliced hard-boiled egg. Top with spinach leaves and 1 one slice of low-fat cheese. Microwave for 30 seconds. Then top with thin slices of avocado. 

It's something from every food group and packed with nutrients (very nutrient dense), but not calories!

3. Bethy's super shake

Make a “nutrient-dense” shake using a frozen sliced banana, vanilla soy milk to cover, and a teaspoon of (natural) peanut butter (not the kind with added sugar).

4. Bethy's fav wrap

Lean, white oven-roasted turkey (or any lean protein; vegetarians can substitute hummus, tofu, or slivered almonds instead)
Honey mustard or salsa
On a “Flat-Out” wrap

Do you notice that most of the foods in my recipes, tips, and swaps are from the World’s Healthiest Foods list?

Now, why don’t YOU share a recipe from the World’s Healthiest foods list? What can you swap for yourself and your family?

Leave your recipe in the comments and share it with the rest of us!

UPDATE: Click on comments and scroll down to read some of the recipes other FUNIQ readers are sharing–and my replies!

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4 tips to eat like me…and never diet again!!

If I see one more person throw away their rice but eat the fatty, sauce-laden chicken with broccoli…

Chicken and broccoli
Or one more person rip out 20 calories worth of bagel and replace it with 3 tablespoons of fatty cream cheese (with almost 100% of its calories coming from fat)…

Bagel and cream cheese 2
Or one more person throw away the virtually fat-free and lo-cal tortilla so they can ingest a solid fat like mayo or sour cream…

Sour cream 1
I'm going to scream!! People, you know who you are!!

The rice is not the problem. The bagel is not the problem. The tortilla is not the problem. The ADDED fat is the problem! And if you are eating huge serving bowls of rice and pasta instead of a cup size, there is problem there too, because you don't move your assets enough to warrant such ginourmous portion sizes…you just don't. Obviously the whole grain versions of the above would be a better choice than the "white" versions, with limited portion size!

Where did this type of "logic" come from that tells you that eating almost solid fat like sausage (yes, even turkey, chicken and tofu sausage) is healthier than eating a plain baked potato???

If those scenarios sound like you, you are eating WAY too much "bad" fat, which is why your "bad" cholesterol is so high and why you have excess fat in specific areas like the back of your arms. (I always observe this in high-fat eaters!) Don't get me wrong, I am all for fat that comes naturally in foods such as salmon, avocado and even hamburgers. (You already know that I will never toss sticks and stones into a blender and call it a meal, eeww!) When I do eat a burger, I don't add any other fat to it…no cheese, no bacon. My rule is "one fat per meal" and that hamburger has more than enough without having to pile on more. I do add avocado when I'm eating a lower fat, higher protein meat such as turkey or chicken. Avocados are chuck full of essential nutrients that bacon can never offer. I know what you're thinking…yes avocados are almost solid fat. You are correct but remember, I'm ok with the fat that occurs naturally in foods.

If you want to eat better and smarter, like I do and most of my “svelt” clients do, then follow these little rules and you’ll NEVER diet again:

1.Read your labels!

If you are consuming lots of foods where more than half the total calories comes from ADDED fat (such as cheese, sour cream, mayo, dressing, etc.,) then I can guarantee that half of YOUR body weight will be from fat too! You are what you eat!

Make sure that most of the foods you consume have 25% or less of their calories coming from fat. You can find this information right on the food label, so you have no excuse not to know!

2. Visit (aka

This is one of the most awesome resources to get you to choose to eat healthy. Please use this and save lots of dollars. (Spend the money you save on a few personal training sessions–much better long-term benefits!) You don't need fancy “diet” pills, potions and lotions!

3. Choose the World's Healthiest Foods.

Let the majority of your food consumption come from the World's Healthiest Foods list. As a rule, vegetables have the least amount of calories of all the food groups on the list (except for spices) so it would be wise to consume foods from this group in great abundance as compared to the others. 

4. Make sure sugar isn't in your top-5.

Food labels list ingredients in descending order according to how much of it is in the product. The higher up something is on the list, the more you'll find in that product.  So in general make sure sugar (nor one of its relatives such as high- fructose corn syrup) is not one of the 1st 5 ingredients in the majority of foods you consume.

In my next post I'm going to share with you some of my favorite “swaps and tips.” (And you'll notice how well I use the World's Healthiest Foods!) Stay tuned.

Meanwhile put down that sour cream! Don't make me come and get you.

PS: If you don't believe eating this way can make a difference in your life, check out Puffy Bethy: My Before and After Pix. 


* * *

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