I need your brilliant words!

My sister-in-law, Mackenzie Weiss, wrote this on Facebook this morning, unprompted by me, mind you:

"Sometimes an exceptional morning at the gym can wipe away days/weeks of stress. :)"

I love it! Thanks, Mackenzie!

I would love for YOU to share how asset moving has changed YOUR life…how it's brought YOU through a tough time…or how it just makes YOU feel better.

Happy 3
I'll include your brilliant words in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank — with your permission, of course!

Here are 2 ways you can share your motivating words of wisdom:

1. Leave a comment right here on my blog.

2. Post them on Funiq's Facebook fan page.

Thanks and I can't wait to read what YOU write!

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Try this right now: Upper back/neck posture exercise

Actually don’t try it right now. Wait til you’re in your car stopped at a traffic light and preferably in a place where you can put your car in park!

Driving 2
Ready? Make sure your tail is all the way back. Take a deep breath in and exhale as you pull your belly button back into the seat back while simultaneously (and gently) pushing the back of your head into the head rest without changing your chin level.

Do this slowly and repeat up to ten times in a row, depending on the length of the light. You can do this a few times daily.

You can actually do this exercise anywhere you have a high-back chair. Or you can even try it lying face up on the floor. Just keep your knees bent for back support and make sure you have something soft behind your head like carpet! Don't do this on tile; you may break it with your hard head lol!

Wherever you try this great exercise, you'll look like a turtle retreating his head into his shell (I know, very attractive analogy) but who cares? Over time this exercise will help you get rid of your forward head posture by strengthening the weak muscles behind your neck that your constant chin-to-chest posture has caused, especially from your computer! Hint: standing with your laptop at counter height can dramatically reduce forward – head posture as well as the upper back and neck tsuris that comes with it…ouch!

Plus, by pulling your belly button against the seat back, you are also helping to strengthen your core and look taller…and thinner! I know that’s what you wanted to know! Who doesn't want to look taller and   thinner while they're driving?!

Driving 3


We have to make climbing stairs “fun” to get people to use them?!

You know I always try to get you to use the stairs and not elevators or escalators so you don't end up with knee, heart and respiratory issues when you finally do climb them!

I know you remember what I wrote here, here, here, and here, right? You can't say I didn't warn you!  

Check out this amazing video that my friend Amy shared with me:

Amazing, huh? Why do we have to make climbing stairs “fun” to get people to use them?

If your knees hurt when you go up stairs…

It could be because you have no glute (butt) muscles left from sitting on your assets and neglecting to climb stairs for the last 20+ years! DUH!

Your gluteus maximus (one of the "glutes" that are attached to your hip) is supposed to be one of the strongest and largests muscle in the body. This (supposedly) large muscle in the buttocks keeps you standing upright and fights against gravity when you walk up stairs (as well as bike, jump and run).

Your knees are supposed to "come along for the ride" and not initiate these particular movements. So if your gluteus maximus or other muscles of the hip area are weak and tight, they may not sufficiently do what they're supposed to do.

Your poor knees might end up initiating the action and absorb the stress, which can result in (unexplained) pain. 

And you also may have a lot of excess "junk in your trunk" where those beautifully rounded "glutes" are supposed to be!

So now you know why I'm always saying that you, too, need a "better butt by Beth"! It's not just  so you'll look fabulous coming and going, which you will!

I know, "How do you really feel about stairs, Bethy?" Just wait; you'll read about this and some of my other "pet peeves" in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank!

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Look who’s talking!

Me, of course!

Your favorite fitness guru, aka Better Butts by Beth, has been getting lots of media attention lately.  She contributed to these awesome articles and podcasts packed with useful info for you:

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