Cauliflower Latkes Recipe

I know “healthy latkes” may sound like an oxymoron, especially if you grew up on those delicious, fat-laden treats that Grandma Sylvia deep fried in a gazillion quarts of oil, slapped on your plate only to smother them in equally fat-laden sour cream…YUMMY! And every Hanukkah we couldn’t wait to devour another dozen, or three! Actually, my Grandma Sylvia (aka Shayndel) made them every holiday from scratch and hand grated the potatoes and onions herself. I think she grated some of her skin in there too because her leather-like hands were always bleeding. She was so tough that she never felt a thing, true story. I know, Eeewww!…but I had to throw that in for a little drama.

Yummy oil-drenched potato latkes

I continued the tradition of the oil-laden, hand-grated potato latke recipe for many years, and many extra pounds later of course. But because I’ve become the Asset Queen and I believe that the 11th Commandment should be:

Thou shalt move (thy fine young) assets more and eat less (crap),

I have come up with simple, delicious nutrient-dense alternatives to drastically cut down on crap consumption. I choose not to partake in empty calorie fat and sugar-laden treats most of the time and I also refuse to throw twigs and sticks in a blender and call it a meal, and so should you! And by the way, I am SO not a carbophobe and I eat lotza baked potatoes unsmothered in added fats. I eat healthy nutrient-dense foods 85%ish of the time so I can have my (cheap) red wine and occasional (Banana Dream) cake and eat it too 15%ish of the time.

Yummy healthy baked cauliflower latkes

Last year I made these Baked Cauliflower Latkes and they were a real hit at my Move Your Assets Retreat, with Jews and non Jews! They have 1/4 the calories of traditional latkes and a fraction of the fat. Check out the recipe here. I made a few of my own little Bethy tweaks: I sauteed the onions with shredded carrots in a little olive oil and garlic before I mixed them in. I also swapped out the white flour for a mixture of whole wheat flour and ground flax seed to add some heart and brain-healthy grains to the mix.  They taste SO good that you may no longer be singin’, “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing baby!” when you try them. And if you don’t believe that eating healthy can taste SO good, you’ll want to check out my raspberry brussel sprouts and roasted cauliflower too! Let me know what you think and Enjoy!—Luv, The Asset Queen


“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete;  it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.

Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! 




“America’s Happiest Seaside Town” is…

…Downtown Stuart, Florida. Wait…WHAT? That’s the claim on their website and I may have to agree.

They had me at “healthy” of course.

I know you’re used to me blogging about eating healthy and moving assets, so you’re probably asking, “What the? Since when is The Asset Queen, a travel expert?” Well, I’m really not but once in a while I need to go off on a Bethy Tangent and write about something a bit different to inspire me to get out of my funk. Yes, Bethy gets into a funky little tizzy at times and the result is a fatigued, tongue-tied, cranky Asset Queen that needs a battery recharge…which is why the last blog post you read from me was in April :(. When my regular routine doesn’t seem to be cutting it, I have to take a step back and remind myself of the things that seem to pull me up by my (orthopedic) boot straps, get my creative juices flowing, and make me a sorta whole Bethy again. When you read on you’ll discover why this blog is not too out of the ordinary for moi’.

For as long as I can remember, one of my fav things to do EVER, was (is) to drive to a strange neighborhood (no, not “weird” strange, but “unfamiliar” strange) and move my assets to explore, decompress, and rejuvenate, whilst I admire the architecture, the foliage, the birds, the bees, and the numerous creepy crawlers; especially the latter when I lived in NYC…lots of human creepy crawlers! In my late teens (about 5 or 6 years ago LOL), I remember bringing my partner in crime, my (late) mommy Elaine to explore the uncharted depths of Cornwall-on-the-Hudson in upstate NY where we moved to, from NYC, when I was 17. So, a few days ago a decided to let go of the “have tos” and the “want tos” even just for the weekend, knowing that I’d be celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of our cousin Jacob from Friday through Sunday in Hobe Sound, adjacent to historic Downtown Stuart.

Lovely, picturesque, mom and pop shop laden Downtown Stuart

So my husband Jeffrey, his mom Harriet, and I took the 2 1/2 hour southeast drive on Friday afternoon from Orlando to Stuart. The moment my eyes met Downtown Stuart I felt a little pitter patter in my heart, or maybe it was my deep love for Jeffrey, or maybe I was just hungry? We were greeted by our amazing family at the (food to die for) Osceola Street Cafe. The vibe of this seaside town was just incredible and the company was quite awesome too. I immediately felt that I needed to further explore Stuart, uh not the person but the town.

My eyes must have lit up like a Christmas tree, Chanukah bush, when Jacob’s amazing mom and true super woman, cousin Kim, told Jeffrey and me about the wonderful 4-mile hike via Stuart’s river walk, under bridges, over bridges, yada yada yada, I was SO sold. The mere thought of waking up early on Saturday morning, driving from our hotel to park in downtown Stuart for our journey got my creative juices flowing again; they had been pretty dried out for weeks. Or maybe I was just salivating because Jeff and I agreed to start with an early breakfast at the Osceola Street Cafe again. Did I mention that the food was awesome? Yummy hummus, eggplant salad, Chicken Milanese…all homemade and delicious. You already know from my previous posts, and from my book, that I eat REAL food and refuse to throw shrubs and twigs in a blender and call it a meal…Eeeww, G-d forbid!

Our journey through downtown Stuart began at around 8am Saturday. Luckily, there were no Bar Mitzvah festivities planned till the early evening so we had lotza time to frolic about, and we sure did. Except for the restaurants and cafes, most shops were not yet open but we did our pre-breakfast asset-moving to select stores we I had to return to. After our delicious and nutrient dense breakfast at the Osceola Street Cafe we began our incredible journey over the river and through the woods.  Well, not quite the latter but we trysted on the river boardwalk laden with incredibly picturesque scenery, fiddler crabs, exotic birds, fishermen, giant multi-colored lizards and no journey would be complete without being scared by a large object propelling into the water like a cannonball and then gently floating gracefully…a coconut that fell from a palm tree.

After an hourish of asset-moving through some extraordinary scenery, my brain awakened and I got a few epiphanies including turning my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! into an E-Book…and BAM I did it two days later. (And you can pre-order here for $3.99 till June 9. Only $7.99 after that). Back to the point of this story: The beauty, the view, and the letting go, literally fixed me in just a few hours. Of course we I ended up shopping in some really cool stores, like the one (pictured below) with the beautiful display of assets climbing walls . Would it surprise you that I already have a few of those climbing the wall in our house?


I can’t resist a store with a wall full of assets.


Of course, we returned early the next morning and frolicked a bit more…

#Sundayfunday frolicking in Stuart

And no stroll is complete without checking out what the locals produce at the weekend market…

I would have to agree with downtown Stuart and his its claim to be the “Happiest Seaside Town”. But don’t take my word for it; you’ll want to check him it out yourself. Next time you head to Boca to visit Aunt Sadie, leave a few hours earlier and plan on spending a few hours frolicking your fine, young assets there. Make sure to bring a blingy little pad and pen to jot down the inspirational insights that will be flooding your brain.  Just watch out for those flying coconuts.


“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete;  it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.

Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! 







Move Your Assets Ladies Retreat

Assets were moved; lives were changed

20ish lovely ladies dancing our assets off

Twentyish lovely ladies gathered at the humble abode, and FUNIQ™ home studio, of moi’ The Asset Queen last Friday, April 21st for four hours of FUN, asset-moving, eating, learning and shmoozing! Most of the ladies were new to my asset-moving shtik and probably had no clue what to expect. Fiveish ladies are regular student of mine, a few had read my book, and some were attendees of the Spark Ladies Retreat where I was one of the presenters. I am happy to report that there were no casualties (LOL), eyes and girls were front at at all times (yes, those girls), and smiles were plastered from ear-to-ear throughout the day. Best of all, there were very few kvetches about ailments, aches, and pains in the assets…well except, of course, for the ones we are married to! Just kidding, we all love our better, uh, other halves. 🙂 In fact, some of the ladies left feeling better than they had in years. 60ish-year-young Irma Cohen, began her day with back pain and reported to be 95% better even days later…no kidding!

There was a lot thrown at these ladies in four hours.  I even threw large med balls at them…JOKING! My goal was to teach a few simple moving and eating tweaks that can easily be applied to walks, meals, and life in general. With 30 years experience moving assets from chairs and teaching peops like you and me to be fit and healthy, it is blatantly apparent that “tiny tweaks” will yield “big benefits” and create lotza joy whilst dramatically reducing kvetching about aches, ailments, and jiggly areas for good!

Here is a recap of the “Top Ten Tiny Tweaks” that I shared with the lovely group asset queens in training:

  • Make this your asset-moving mantra: Stand when you can sit, walk when you can stand, and run (or walk very briskly) when you can walk.
  • When walking, add movements in all directions: sideways, backwards, upside down (uh, just kidding with the latter). Pump your arms backwards, overhead, sideways, punch, and even simply hold your arms over head. Wake up those dozing muscles that have been plotzed on cinder blocks for umpteen years. Pick five of your favs for your walk and do at least 20 reps of each. Repeat.

    20ish ladies moving their fine assets and other body parts, with me, on the Seminole Wekiva Trail

  • Find creative ways to do 10 minute bouts of asset moving throughout the day. Put your shopping cart away (I’m watching), skip the drive-thru, park further, your idea here_______. Absolutely move at least 10 minutes after EVERY meal. This will not only help with digestion but can prevent type 2 diabetes. I elaborate about this in my book and you can read more here.
  • Avoid sitting as much as possible and get up every 30 minutes to move those fine young assets of yours for five. If you must sit, avoid using the back of chair and instead use your trunk muscles to support you. This will transform your beautiful bod and strengthen your lovely core better than any crunch will. See next bullet point.
  • Eyes and girls front at all times (yes, those girls) and imagine that you have a beanstalk running through your body and out the top of your head where your fav glass of California cab is plotzing. Details here.
  • HALF of everything you eat MUST come from nutrient dense fruits and veggies. Check out Bethy’s plate here
  • Your meal must fit on one plate and resemble this plate here
  • Make sure sugar is not one of the first five ingredients on the label list. Lotza your fav protein bars are the equivalent of a candy bar with extra calories from protein :0
  • Make sure you recognize most of the ingredients on the label list and they are as close to G-d’s form as possible. The less ingredients on the list, the better. For example, if the only ingredient on that package of Old Fashioned Oatmeal is “whole grain rolled oats” you are in great shape! Pun intended.

I can go on and on but even I’m getting a little verclempt with all the info! Feel free to search my blog here for some great tips to move your (fine young) assets and eat less (crap)! Stay tuned for upcoming  MYA Ladies Retreats and the first annual MYA Ladies Cruise from Port Canaveral coming this Fall.


“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete;  it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.

Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! 






Tiny Tweaks, Big Benefits

Not all cooking sprays are created equal

By pure observation, most of my fellow Americans consume SO much crap yet have convinced themselves they are eating healthy. Even a Consumer Reports’ survey says that 9 out of 10 Americans claim they eat healthy, yet are inflicted with a plethora of hypokinetic diseases including oodles of excess body fat. But it’s not all your fault! Food labels are actually “allowed” to mislead you with words like “healthy,” “natural,” and “organic.” Forgive me peops but organic candy is the epitome of a healthy oxymoron, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s a matter of just reading the ingredients list on the food label; and I’m pretty good at translating them into English for ya!

The Asset Queen has your back! I love to share healthy and easy recipes, simple swaps, and easy tweaks to get you off your tuchus (aka your fine, young assets) as well as help you cut down on the consumption of crap. Here’s a little crap-cutting wisdom, “not all cooking sprays are created equal.” Let moi’ elaborate:


The AQ in wonderment checking out the list of ingredients in spray cooking oil

You know that infamous can of cooking oil spray that saves hundreds of calories? Yes the one I’m holding in the above pic with my overly-dramatic look of wonderment. Well you will be traumatized, I mean dramatized, too when you read the ingredients. I understand that the chemicals used to propel the oil from the can and keep it from foaming are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, but, wait what??…silicone? I guess I really didn’t think much of it till my awesome licensed massage therapist, Tracy Sipe, informed me that she knows of people who spray this stuff directly on their food…Eww!

Less than $3 and the ONLY ingredient is extra virgin olive oil

Less than $3 and the ONLY ingredient is extra virgin olive oil

I’m all for saving hundreds of calories too. And at 120 calories per tablespoon for ANY oil (yes, even extra virgin olive) pouring directly from the bottle into the pan or onto the veggies is not a terrific option if you’re trying to cut down on the extra calories. Well guess what?…You have options! Option #1 is to make sure the only ingredient in that store bought can is the oil! The Bertolli olive oil, pictured here, has no other ingredient listed besides extra virgin olive oil. And there are 0 calories…Woo Hoo-gotta love that!!

Option #2 is to purchase your own self-pumping spray bottle like the gorgeous one I’m sporting below, recommended by the amazing LMT Tracy Sipe. The Misto oil spray bottle costs less than $10 ($8 at Bed, Bath & Beyond with your 20% off coupon). Fill it halfway with your oil 100% pure olive oil (or other healthy oil of choice that is safe to cook with) give the top a few pumps and presto… get cooking. Added bonus: you can use it over and over and don’t have to clog up the planet with lotza empty cans. Though I must admit that the disposable type is a bit more user friendly :).

Let me reiterate that the propellants and anti-foaming chemicals in these cans are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. However, most registered dieticians, licensed nutritionists, and ACE-certified fitness nutritionist specialists like moi’ will tell you to choose foods as close to G-d’s form as possible; what I like to call “single ingredient foods”.  And THIS always holds true…the less ingredients listed, the better, and make sure that you recognize them! For example, I buy Quaker or store brand “old fashioned oats”.  The only ingredient on the label is “whole grain rolled oats”.  You should not need an interpreter to read your food label, but if you do, contact me HERE and I can help translate into English.

Luv, The Asset Queen

The AQ happy with the chemical-free reusable bottle

The AQ happy with the chemical-free reusable bottle


Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.




A heavenly tale from the trail

Step aside Gretta Garbo, check out my hubba hubba mommy!

Step aside Sophia Loren, check out my hubba hubba mommy!

I’ve taken a little leave of absence from blogging, till today, and for a darn good reason. My beautiful, kind, loving mommy Elaine Rosenthal passed away two weeks ago today, and I am greatly mourning her loss. “Technically” I lost her quite a few years ago, because the combination of mental illness and dementia slowly took her away. But the finality of knowing “she ain’t ever comin’ back” may be what’s making it so tough. That coupled with the fact that I still have to visit my dad in the same nursing home that she died in.:( You can learn more about my Oys and Joys of parent caregiving if you watch this fantastic video here.

If you recently lost a loved one, are one of 44 million of my fellow Americans caring for a loved one, or you just need a motivational kick in the assets, I’m always here to help you deal with the curveballs that life will throw. Most of the time I write and share fun and simple asset-moving tips, crap-cutting quips, healthy, quick and inexpensive recipes, and light-hearted stories from fellow asset queens and kings that I meet on a daily basis. In my blog series “Tales From the Trail” I share some incredible stories about the “dazzling creatures” that I’ve embarked upon whilst trysting on the Seminole Wekiva Trail, like Gloria, Dexter, and Betty.

Unlike the gazillions of my previous posts, this one is going to be a bit more thought provoking, a lot more personal, and you probably won’t be laughing your assets off as usual :0. It is my latest “Tale from the Trail” and the inspiration came from an extremely rare encounter with a different type of “dazzling creature” that my 13 year-young NY nephew Adin and I met on March 27, the day mommy was laid to rest at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery.


This “dazzling creature” was a little different than most of my trail-dwelling comrades; though there have been quite a few encounters with snakes and bats and rats, OH MY!  Adin and I were innocently trysting on the trail, skipping and whistling Dixie…well, actually we were discussing life and family. At the very instant that the two words “Grandma Elaine” came out of one of our mouths, we were interrupted by the sound of three or four obnoxiously screeching falcons circling above us. Were they planning to eat Adin and me, or simply poop on us? Apparently, neither because they were busy harassing and teasing some “thing” of much greater importance…it was way up high, undaunted, and unintimidated, proudly perched in an old oak tree! OH MY STARS!…A bald eagle! I ain’t neva seen anything so bold, beautiful, and courageous in my entire 51ish years on this planet.

Adin and I were completely blown away because as I went to fetch my phone and snap a pic of this awesome sight, my phone opened itself to the camera roll, and even more randomly, to that gorgeous black and white picture of mommy that you see up above…I kid you not! Pause, pace, and absorb the profundity of this. Take a moment to discuss amongst yourselves and then regroup with me. You know me, lot’s of drama ensued but I was able to pull myself together enough to snap this remarkable picture. Meet, our new trail buddy, The Bald Eagle:

Bald eagle eyeing Adi and a good way!

Bald eagle eyeing Adin and me…in a good way!

As sad and tough as it’s been to witness my mom become  frailer, fragiler, weaker, and slowly wither away on a daily basis for years without the ability to care for herself, Adin and I have no doubt that she was sending us a profoundly powerful message. She was literally kicking ass(ets) with her bright, yellow beak and simply brushing off those pesky falcons, announcing, “I am in control, protecting myself and guarding my family and I’m in a place where no one can mess with me!” Her message was loud and clear, and incidentally this was a female eagle! My sister-in-law Mackenzie loved my trail tale and suggested that I google what it means when an eagle appears, with the passing of a loved one. So I did! Check this out:

“When an eagle appears, you are on notice to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight. If an individual has been going through a hard time, eagle not only signals a new beginning, but provides that person with the stamina and resilience to endure the difficulties. If eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead.” You can read a lot more HERE

When a loved one passes, we all long for proof that he/she is in a more peaceful place, especially when there has been a long period of suffering preceding death. Maybe you think this is a load of crap and you don’t buy into the “it’s a sign from the divine” thing. And maybe you think I’m a little meshuga because I choose to believe that my deceased mom is trying to encourage my family and me to move on, be strong, and enjoy life to it’s fullest and discourage us from wallowing in guilt and sadness. Caring for my parents and watching them deteriorate for five years has evoked some horrendous emotions and reasonable questions, such as, “Why me?” and “Why do people have to suffer like this?” But, no more asking why because now I’m ready for a new beginning…


The lesson I want to share is:

Cry when you must and push forward. Let your tears water the seeds of your future growth and happiness. There will always be challenges and obstacles and it does not matter which path you embark on; what matters is that you embark. And with each step you will become stronger, more skilled, more confident, more successful and more joyful. We are all capable of greatness and most of us don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve. Sometimes we all need a visit from our “Eagle Mommy” to remind us how freakin’ amazing we truly are and that the best is yet to come!

Oh, and by the way, my mommy always said that she’d rather move her assets than sit on them! HMM, ya think we might be related? Hopefully she’s found a fitness instructor as good as Gerri and me in heaven!



Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! 

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.





Assets, Minds, and Souls Were Moved…

(Fine young) Assets were happily moved by me The Asset Queen

….At the Spark Women’s Retreat

Yummy (and abundant) food catered by Shaike’s

One week later and I’m still kvelling and looking for words to describe the awesomeness of this event, so I’ll give it a shot:

Some of our fav “F” words are Food, Friends, and FUN…did I mention Food? Oh, and of course, FUNIQ™Fitness (a shameless little plug for my fun and unique asset-moving creation). 🙂

Over 100 women gathered at the luxurious Reunion Resort and Spa in Orlando to celebrate, eat, shmooze, and be inspired by some outstanding presenters including Sarah Gittleson, Rachel Slavkin, Yaffa Palti, Lori Palatnik, Stacy Soll, Gitty Schepansky, and yours truly, The Asset Queen.

As wonderful as the event-packed schedule was, I believe the best part of the weekend was the amazing sense of spirit, friendship, fun and abundant love, that emerged; the girlfriend camaraderie was immeasurable. We sang, danced, ate, shared in prayer,…OY, did I mention that we ate? It is mind blowing how the “sisterhood” thing just happens… and many of us met for the first time! Take a bunch of women from all walks of life, with and without kids and careers and throw them together for a weekend and…WOW! Mishugaas seems light-years away when you are amongst your sistas from other mistas, doesn’t it? Life-long new friendships now emanate as triumphantly as the smell of Grandma Sylvia’s deliciously fresh, yet oil-laden latkes.

Ladies of the Spark Retreat dancing their assets off!

Ladies of the Spark Retreat dancing their assets off!

As a Spark Retreat presenter, the feedback I received was incredible. Saturday morning I led 40ish women on Trail Mix (aka my posture-changing walk and more) and later showed attendees how to Move a little more and kvetch a lot less. It was Shabbat so I could not video our awesomeness nor could I blast rhythm-pounding techno tunes. But take my word for it, lives were changed in less than a few hours! I LOVE moving assets from chairs and teaching eager new students to make tiny tweaks that can bring lotza joy and way less kvetching about aches, ailments, and jiggly areas. So when dozens of women approached me saying things like, “You have such a gift for inspiring people,” or “You taught me how to change my posture with your ‘eyes and girls front’ mantra,” and “Can you come do your program at our JCC?” or, “Can I please purchase 1000 copies of your book NOW?” how can I not be totally verklempt(OK may not 1000 copies.) Of course I want to travel from city to city and spread the asset-moving love! Needless to say, I sold lotza books, got quite a few new students to attend my FUNIQ Fitness class, and I booked future asset-moving and speaking engagements.


40ish women joining me for "Trail Mix" moving assets, arms and transforming posture.

50ish women joining me for “Trail Mix” moving assets, arms and transforming posture.

My intent is not to make this post a brag fest about my asset-moving skills, even though the retreat has certainly reinforced my purpose on this planet which is to help people deal with life’s curveballs. I am genuinely humbled in soul, lifted in spirit, and empowered even more in mind and body because of the incredible interactions I witnessed, new relationships that were made, and the life-changing takeaways from this incredibly uplifting event. So ladies, we need to do these WAY more often, how about biannually, monthly, daily? OK weekly!


Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.



Eat like The AQ and never diet again

For less than $3 roasted sesame seeds add amazing flavor to all your fav foods. Ditch the dressing!

You must ingrain this little life-changing mantra in your brain so please write it in your little bling book, tape it to your fridge, to your soon-to-be-gone cottage-cheesy thighs, and on your boyfriend’s assets so you can always see it:

“HALF of everything I eat must come from veggies and fruits. Proteins, grains, and fat portions must be a heck of lot smaller if I never, ever, ever want to go on ‘El Toro,’ I mean El Diet again. If half of everything I eat is crap (aka ADDED fat and ADDED sugar) then half of my body will be crap. Period end of story.”

(BTW ‘El Toro’ is an enormously frightening rollercoaster, but at least you can go on once and not have to sign up for the rest of your life like you have to do with the diet rollercoast..Hmm…just sayin’!)

50 percent plants

The Asset Queen’s lovely lunch plate

Take notice that more than 50% of this plate and most of my meals come from plants. You can’t go wrong if your plate resembles this 80% of the time. And hey, I’m human and like to have my Banana Dream Cake and vino and eat and drink it too; I refuse to throw shrubs and twigs in a blender and call it a meal and so should you! BTW, that is not cheese, that is chopped cauliflower; I don’t avoid dairy, it’s just not on my plate at this time. So maybe I”ll have a probiotic-rich yogurt with fruit in between lunch and dinner. Another BTW for all you protein-obsessed peops, greek yogurt has about 15 grams of protein per serving and cost about $1. So ponder this: why are you spending lotza needless extra $ on all those pricey protein potions? “Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby!

Keep in mind that if you eat foods like these that are chock full of probiotics, cancer-fighting antioxidants, and digestive enzyme-producing nutrients, you will never have to “invest” in a pantry full of expensive supplements again. If you and you kiddies frequently partake in chicken fingers, french fries, and macaroni & cheese, which are virtually void of any of the aforementioned nutrients, then it is no wonder that you are all popping lotza pills that help you digest, think clearly, and feel well…DUH!! Rethink YOUR plate! Let my plate and literally be your plate so you can ditch the diets, pills, and miracle potions. Added bonus: you will be more joyful and less jiggly for good! Stay tuned for more life-changing eating tips that will keep you fit and healthy for life and won’t cost you a dime!

“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete; it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.

Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! 




Tales from the nursing home

When I am not motivating myself, my clients, and the world to move its assets, I’m out gallivanting at Island Lake Center. ILC is the nursing home where both of my parents, Elaine 86 and Manny (aka The Man-ee-ac) 90, now dwell. After moving my parents to separate facilities almost 30 times over the last five years, they are finally at Island Lake. No one knows better than me how important it is to put the O2 on YOURSELF so you CAN assist others. In fact, being thrust into the parent caregiver world is so common to us clueless Generation Xers and Baby Boomers nowadays, that Growing Bolder decided to do a story about me called Confessions of a Caregiver.  Martie Salt of WFTV 9 ABC won an Emmy award for her outstanding, must-see series Blindsided: The Reality of Caring for Aging Parents, which featured some candid stories including hers and mine.

I am usually pretty private with what goes on behind closed doors at the nursing home. The whole experience brings on more emotions in a two-minute time frame than anything in my 51 years on this planet has ever brought about. A while ago, my husband shot this candid video of my interaction with Elaine and Manny and for a plethora of reasons, I felt I had to share it now. So…

It’s time to meet the parents

Obviously there is not much more I need to say (for a change)! So I will let you pause, pace, and absorb this interaction on your own. And yes, my mom has advanced dementia and barely speaks; this was a miracle day. Please share this with everyone you know who is caring for their parent(s) or other loved one and let them know that I (The Asset Queen) truly gets it! In fact, I get it SO much now, that I will be starting a blog as well as a FB page to lend a (much needed) ear and an empathetic voice. Stay tuned!

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives. 




Brussel Sprouts-Tastier Than French Fries?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can get your kids to eat, and actually enjoy, brussel sprouts? I know our hubbies are not great fans either; they have memories of mama force feeding them with the horrendously smelling green balls…Eeww!…Not a pleasant memory. So imagine my hubby’s surprise when I whipped up a batch of these absolutely delicious yet nutrient dense little balls of joy!

Yummy sweet & salty little balls of joy

Jeffrey took one bite of the green delight and said, “If people knew that eating healthy could taste this good, there would be no need to eat French Fries!” Pause, pace, and absorb the profundity of my husband’s statement, and with NO solicited compliment fishing from me whatsoever…I pinky swear! And if that’s not enough to inspire you to stink up your kitchen with Eau de brussel sprouts, 54 year young Miriam Argov (one of my clients and fav asset queens) had this to say about the yummy little love balls: “So  good. You don’t need any candy or cake and it’s so much better for you.”  And her 15 year old daughter Sappir is in full agreement, right Sappir?

Don’t take our word for it, try this simple easy recipe for yourself and make as much as you can in one batch. It’s SO low calorie, you can really pig-out and never have to worry about accumulating excess trunk junk. I don’t measure, I just mix stuff to taste and I go light on the oil and balsamic:

  • Cut brussel sprouts in half and microwave for 4-5 minutes in microwave-safe bag or dish to soften (I do this in 2 shifts cuz I make a giant BJs bag).
  • Mix in big bowl w/raspberry balsamic, minced garlic, a little bit of sea salt, mixed peppercorns, and brush with a little bit of olive oil.
  • Roast for 25ish minutes at 450; more or less depending upon how crispy you want them.

The sweetness of the raspberry juice adds some flavor, but very few calories.  Hopefully, this will keep the kiddies, the hubbies, (and us) from grabbing empty calorie cakes, cookies, and French Fries…even some of the time. Oh, and make sure to keep the kitchen vent on full blast, and light some deliciously scented candles whilst embarking on your brussel sprout cooking endeavor. Enjoy, share with everyone you know who wants to (finally) eat healthier, and let me know if they stink, I mean, let me know what you think! —Luv, The Asset Queen

Your Kvetch: “I have no time to eat (a Healthy) Breakfast.”

Peops are always telling me they don’t have time to eat a healthy, nutrient-dense breakfast. Which is why 9 out of 10 times the average American will skip breakfast altogether, or grab something that chock full of crap…Like a “healthy” candy bar with with added calories from protein (aka the protein bar).  You have no excuse not to eat a tasty, low-calorie, heart-healthy breakfast packed with high energy yielding nutrition! This awesome breakfast takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and you can even slap it into a take-out cup and eat it on the road with a plastic spoon, like moi (The Asset Queen) does!

Oatmeal to go

Bethy’s Awesome (less than) 5-Minute Breakfast To Go


Here’s all you need:

½ cup oatmeal — the plain old-fashioned kind, not the kind in flavored sugar-laden packets!

1 cup water

1 teaspoon REAL peanut butter (the kind with no other ingredients except peanuts — ie no added sugar or chemicals) And yes of course you can substitute cashew or almond butter.)

½ cup fresh berries or a small banana or other favorite fruit, or a mix of your favs

optional: 1 teaspoon of chia seeds which are chock full of protein, good fat and lotza vitamins and minerals

You can microwave the oatmeal and water and then add your ingredients, or cooking on the stove top also takes less than 5 minutes. And you can make enough for your hubby and brood of 12 kiddies all at once!

The whole serving has less than 350 calories and less than a ¼ of the calories come from good fat and there is no added sugar!

This quick and yummy breakfast is packed with SO much nutrition that you’ll have more energy than you know what to do with.

Plus it’s so high in fiber that you’ll be full for hours — and yesterday’s “junk” will fly right out of your trunk LOL!

You can’t say any of the above about that empty calorie bagel with cream cheese that has twice the calories, 3 times the (not so good) fat, and offers virtually NO nutritional value.

Oh, and you can tell that annoying buddy of yours, the one that keeps trying to sell you the latest and greatest multi-level marketing miracle potion, to take a hike; for a fraction of the cost you can eat real food (aka G-d’s food) with less than five ingredients that are all recognizable. Stick with me and I will offer you FREE quick and easy ways to “Move Your (fine young) assets and eat less (crap) without ever having to invest in the latest and greatest mulit-level marketing miracle potion, lotion, or pill again! Stay tuned for my new and improved MYA blog coming soon! For now, check me out at and type in ANY topic you want info on in the “search” space. I have years worth of amazing, life-changing info.

Luv, The Asset Queen, ACE-Certified fitness and nutrition professional with more than 25 years of experience moving assets from chairs and changing lives. 407.491.8107