Assets, Minds, and Souls Were Moved…

(Fine young) Assets were happily moved by me The Asset Queen

….At the Spark Women’s Retreat

Yummy (and abundant) food catered by Shaike’s

One week later and I’m still kvelling and looking for words to describe the awesomeness of this event, so I’ll give it a shot:

Some of our fav “F” words are Food, Friends, and FUN…did I mention Food? Oh, and of course, FUNIQ™Fitness (a shameless little plug for my fun and unique asset-moving creation). 🙂

Over 100 women gathered at the luxurious Reunion Resort and Spa in Orlando to celebrate, eat, shmooze, and be inspired by some outstanding presenters including Sarah Gittleson, Rachel Slavkin, Yaffa Palti, Lori Palatnik, Stacy Soll, Gitty Schepansky, and yours truly, The Asset Queen.

As wonderful as the event-packed schedule was, I believe the best part of the weekend was the amazing sense of spirit, friendship, fun and abundant love, that emerged; the girlfriend camaraderie was immeasurable. We sang, danced, ate, shared in prayer,…OY, did I mention that we ate? It is mind blowing how the “sisterhood” thing just happens… and many of us met for the first time! Take a bunch of women from all walks of life, with and without kids and careers and throw them together for a weekend and…WOW! Mishugaas seems light-years away when you are amongst your sistas from other mistas, doesn’t it? Life-long new friendships now emanate as triumphantly as the smell of Grandma Sylvia’s deliciously fresh, yet oil-laden latkes.

Ladies of the Spark Retreat dancing their assets off!

Ladies of the Spark Retreat dancing their assets off!

As a Spark Retreat presenter, the feedback I received was incredible. Saturday morning I led 40ish women on Trail Mix (aka my posture-changing walk and more) and later showed attendees how to Move a little more and kvetch a lot less. It was Shabbat so I could not video our awesomeness nor could I blast rhythm-pounding techno tunes. But take my word for it, lives were changed in less than a few hours! I LOVE moving assets from chairs and teaching eager new students to make tiny tweaks that can bring lotza joy and way less kvetching about aches, ailments, and jiggly areas. So when dozens of women approached me saying things like, “You have such a gift for inspiring people,” or “You taught me how to change my posture with your ‘eyes and girls front’ mantra,” and “Can you come do your program at our JCC?” or, “Can I please purchase 1000 copies of your book NOW?” how can I not be totally verklempt(OK may not 1000 copies.) Of course I want to travel from city to city and spread the asset-moving love! Needless to say, I sold lotza books, got quite a few new students to attend my FUNIQ Fitness class, and I booked future asset-moving and speaking engagements.


40ish women joining me for "Trail Mix" moving assets, arms and transforming posture.

50ish women joining me for “Trail Mix” moving assets, arms and transforming posture.

My intent is not to make this post a brag fest about my asset-moving skills, even though the retreat has certainly reinforced my purpose on this planet which is to help people deal with life’s curveballs. I am genuinely humbled in soul, lifted in spirit, and empowered even more in mind and body because of the incredible interactions I witnessed, new relationships that were made, and the life-changing takeaways from this incredibly uplifting event. So ladies, we need to do these WAY more often, how about biannually, monthly, daily? OK weekly!


Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.



Eat like The AQ and never diet again

For less than $3 roasted sesame seeds add amazing flavor to all your fav foods. Ditch the dressing!

You must ingrain this little life-changing mantra in your brain so please write it in your little bling book, tape it to your fridge, to your soon-to-be-gone cottage-cheesy thighs, and on your boyfriend’s assets so you can always see it:

“HALF of everything I eat must come from veggies and fruits. Proteins, grains, and fat portions must be a heck of lot smaller if I never, ever, ever want to go on ‘El Toro,’ I mean El Diet again. If half of everything I eat is crap (aka ADDED fat and ADDED sugar) then half of my body will be crap. Period end of story.”

(BTW ‘El Toro’ is an enormously frightening rollercoaster, but at least you can go on once and not have to sign up for the rest of your life like you have to do with the diet rollercoast..Hmm…just sayin’!)

50 percent plants

The Asset Queen’s lovely lunch plate

Take notice that more than 50% of this plate and most of my meals come from plants. You can’t go wrong if your plate resembles this 80% of the time. And hey, I’m human and like to have my Banana Dream Cake and vino and eat and drink it too; I refuse to throw shrubs and twigs in a blender and call it a meal and so should you! BTW, that is not cheese, that is chopped cauliflower; I don’t avoid dairy, it’s just not on my plate at this time. So maybe I”ll have a probiotic-rich yogurt with fruit in between lunch and dinner. Another BTW for all you protein-obsessed peops, greek yogurt has about 15 grams of protein per serving and cost about $1. So ponder this: why are you spending lotza needless extra $ on all those pricey protein potions? “Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby!

Keep in mind that if you eat foods like these that are chock full of probiotics, cancer-fighting antioxidants, and digestive enzyme-producing nutrients, you will never have to “invest” in a pantry full of expensive supplements again. If you and you kiddies frequently partake in chicken fingers, french fries, and macaroni & cheese, which are virtually void of any of the aforementioned nutrients, then it is no wonder that you are all popping lotza pills that help you digest, think clearly, and feel well…DUH!! Rethink YOUR plate! Let my plate and literally be your plate so you can ditch the diets, pills, and miracle potions. Added bonus: you will be more joyful and less jiggly for good! Stay tuned for more life-changing eating tips that will keep you fit and healthy for life and won’t cost you a dime!

“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete; it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.

Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!