January 10, 2016 The Asset Queen

Results ARE typical: FUNIQ total body reno M & W 9:30 AM

Peops are always asking me: Bethy, what do you do to stay so, uh, svelt?

You will have to order my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! to learn most of my deep dark secrets AND you can join me on Mondays and Wednesdays for:

FUNIQ Total Body Renovation

 9:30 – 10:30 AM  

Those three infamous words, "results NOT typical" in microscopic print on every ad, pic and infomercial for the latest and greatest "lose weight fast" diet, pill, potion and lotion motivated me to post these…

Exhibit A: Moi in my late 20s 

Bethy before 28


Exhibit B: Moi in my (very) late 40s

Tights 2

Not only do the bodies of my clients and I jiggle less than ever, we also kvetch a lot less about chronic ailments and pains in the knees, spine and assets (sorry, can't help with that big pain you're married too :)!) 

Results ARE absolutely typical when you move your assets with me and I promise:

  • No airbrushing or editing in any of my pics, or my clients pics. I wish exhibit A was airbrushed 🙁
  • Never did I use the latest and greatest multi-level marketing pills, potions, lotions and injections of any type.
  • The only skin treatment I use is my own shvitz (sounds prettier than sweat) and my skin is like a baby's assets.
  • Never ever did I have anything surgically added or removed from my bod…except of course for a ruptured disc in my spine in my late 40s and one wisdom tooth in my late 20s. At 50, I can still fly around like Wonder Woman despite two back-to-back surgeries just two years ago.


So if you're ready to finally join me and get into awesome shape, whilst jiggling and kvetching less than ever, reserve your space now by emailing me at Bethanne@moveyourassets.com. Classes are only $60 for 5! Space is limited to 5 new participants so hurry! I will send you specific info when you email.