September 5, 2014 The Asset Queen

Eat like me and kvetch a lot less


See, I really do have my cake and eat it too! I wasn’t kidding you! (And yes, I’m having cake AND pie aboard this cruise ship.)


Eating “right” (most of the time) is what works for me, my clients, and for most of the fittest people on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have my cake (especially the yummy icing) and eat it too and I refuse to ever put shrubs and twigs in a blender and call it a meal. EEEWWW! My secret is that I avoid crap (and of course I move my assets) most of the time so on the not so rare occasions that I do want cookies, fudge, and cheese I don’t have to get all meshugana and work myself into a guilty feeding frenzy!

My salad for breakfast

My meals look like this most of the time…this salad was actually my breakfast.


In my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! I interviewed some of the sveltest peops I know and made some not-so-amazing discoveries that genuinely prove you are what you eat.

What do all of us fit folk, who no longer have to diet, have in common?

1. We move our assets more than most other peops. DUH!

2. We don’t cut out entire food groups (especially not complex carbohydrates). Your brain and red blood cells only use carbs as an energy source so if you want these organs to work properly then you absolutely don’t want to cut out carbs! DUH again!

3. Less than 30% of our total daily calories comes from fat. Yes even the good ones.

4. We don’t eat a lot of fake and processed foods with lots of un needed calories from added fat and added sugar and very little nutritional value…AKA “Crap” or empty calories. (Sausage and bacon are “no no’s”…even if they’re made from turkey or chicken.)

5. We don’t eat very sugary foods, unless of course it’s real fruit.

6. The majority of our foods come from nutrient dense foods (the opposite of “Crap”) and can be found on this list: Healthiest Foods in the World 

 And most importantly our meals look like this the majority of the time:


 Yes half of our food consumption comes from fruits and/or vegetables. Admit that you and most of the people you know do not eat this way. If you did, you would never have to hop on the latest and greatest diet de jour again…HMMM!!


(By the way, that dairy serving is optional to me, since it’s not actually attached to the plate. I can easily replace it with water or a glass of vino depending upon the time of day, just sayin’!)


Seriously Bethy, salad for breakfast?

No I don’t always eat salad for breakfast but you already know that I always keep a ginormous bowl of it handy at all times, pre-made in the the fridge, in case I come home starving and ready to devour and entire Banana Dream Cake.


One of my favorite websites for helping you chose the best food plan for you is this one: Daily Food Plan. No “diets,” no potions or supplements, just real food…that’s all you need (and of course, not in supersized portions!) You can’t eat like there’s a famine coming and then spend the majority of your 16 waking hours plotzed on your assets and expect to be svelt and jiggle-free!

“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete; it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.

Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!