January 20, 2014 The Asset Queen

Do you want stinky, rotting dying cells?

 Did you know that our bodies are made of trillions of cells that live for a few weeks or months and then die and are (hopefully) replaced by new cells? So, theoretically, you will have brand new muscles, bones and other organs in a few months… no kidding.  Moving your assets will promote this growth and renewal and inactivity will cause your cells to decay and die. EWWWW…rotting, smelly cells (ok I added the smelly for effect!!) Why would anyone choose the latter when our bodies are designed to age slowly and remarkably well if we chose to move our assets and not sit on them.


Many more awesome little tidbits of info like this and Dermcidin, a natural anti-biotic produced when we sweat, in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank. You might want to start moving your assets now or else your going to have to buy my sweat to cure your infections. EWWWW again!