November 16, 2013 The Asset Queen

Bethy’s Tip of the Day: Use Sunday as the beginning of your asset-moving lifestyle!

Happy Sunday!

Before Sunday breakfast, before church (and after your morning coffee, of course) get out there and walk for 30 minutes.

Morning walk 2

Bring one or more family members and spend family time moving and talking first thing Sunday morning instead of eating greasy hash browns, (almost solid fat) sausages, or bagels (scooped out to make your feel better that you saved 30 calories but) laden with (almost solid fat) cream cheese!

Break the habit of rolling out of bed only to plop your body onto the couch or chair with a newspaper and food. Instead, move your assets first and you will be more energized, less stressed and happy the rest of the day!

Even though my assets are still (partially) frozen cuz I'm still recovering from back surgery, my walk this morning makes me feel better than any pain killer on the planet. (Added bonus: Moving my assets relieves the constipation that opiates cause…I know, TMI!)

And I must say it's so nice that Forbes magazine agrees with me! If you don't believe moi that moving your assets is the best way to start the day — not just Sunday but every day — read this from Forbes:

5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

Check out the #1 tip…drum roll please! Asset Moving uh I mean exercise of course. You will be more creative and energized and less stressed if your begin your day on your feet, rather than on your seat. Thanks, Forbes, for agreeing with Bethy!

Morning walk 1