October 20, 2013 The Asset Queen

Asset Queen down but not out

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for almost 3 weeks and you haven’t heard hide nor hair from me.

Unfortunately I have a not-so-great reason for not posting, sharing, or motivating you to move your assets…I’ve been out flat on mine!

This Asset Queen has been down for the count. Ironically I shut down the same day the government did but I swear this is of coincidence only.

I’ve been in too much pain to literally move from my bed, get up and down off the toilet, put my clothes on, read, write or literally move mine or anyone else’s assets.

At the moment I can actually sit in a very strange position and alternate it with one legged standing and write about my mishap; a few days ago I had a 2nd nerve block injection into my spine…

Doctor 3

and I believe that has made me feel a little more human today…thank the good Lord above.

Hmmm and ironically, didn’t the government temporarily prop itself on its own two feet the very same day as well?…maybe there is a something to this, or maybe not since I am SO politically incorrect!

I am scheduled for surgery Tuesday, October 22, to remove a large 14mm-sized extruding disc from my spine. Unlike 98% of most back issues that require less asset sitting and more asset moving to repair, I comprise less than 2% of folks who truly need surgical repair.

I, the doctors, and basically everyone who knows me are 100% convinced that I will make a speedy and miraculous recovery thanks to the avid asset mover that I am.

Doctor 4
Even Wonder Woman is not invincible but I have not one iota of doubt that I will be up and moving my assets, better than ever not too long after my surgery!

This will just be another chapter to add to my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank. I will keep you posted with my progress.

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