September 10, 2013 The Asset Queen

Making butts better in Positano

I just returned from an 8-day walking tour of Naples, Italy, and surrounding areas. It was fantastico, to say the least!

There are many amazing highlights but let me just mention the ones here that have to do with asset moving. There were 17 of us in our Classic Journeys tour group and I was the youngest at 47…the oldest was 75!

Remember peeps, this was a walking tour and this is not flat, horizontal Florida! In fact, we climbed up and down thousands of feet on a daily basis. Here, for example, is near-vertical Positano:

Italy 4 Positano
One day we hiked outside Positano to our destination — which included 1,270 steps…I kid you not. Here I am encouraging my fellow hikers to use their assets to push them, rather than rely on their quadriceps (and knees) to do the work and pull them.

Italy 1
I write a lot about disappearing assets and consequent overload on your poor knees in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank!

What a huge success!! We all made it to our destination, Luca and Maria's mountain house thousands of feet up — whine and kvetch-free!

And our reward: Warm Italian hospitality with homemade wine and mozzarella cheese — and we got to make our own pizza! It was one of the best I ever had! And of course lots of whine, I mean wine!

Italy 2
And we made it safely down 1,270 steps with even better butts than we started with!

Italy 3


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