August 14, 2013 The Asset Queen

Client spotlight: Who is that gloved grandma?

Susie KleimanMeet 67-year-old Susie Kleiman.

Believe it or not this grandmother of 6 and mother of 4 sons had her hip replaced just 3 months before she started coming to work out with me…I kid you not!

Susie doesn’t have to read my upcoming book Move Your Assets (but she probably will anyway) to know that the benefits of moving her assets far outweigh the numerous complications of sitting on them.

In fact, in the section of my book called “Why should we move our assets when they don’t want to move?” you’ll read dozens of awesome answers (AKA reasons) that will motivate you off your seat and on to your feet. Some of these benefits include:

  • You want more energy to keep up with your (grand)kids!
  • You want to get rid of those constant aches and pains (and it’s too expensive to divorce the biggest pain)!
  • You want to encourage your (grand)kids to move their assets more!
  • You want to look and feel awesome!

It is no coincidence that Susie is experiencing all these benefits and more! I mean, you can already see that she does look awesome!

And how does she feel? After just 2 sessions with me Susie’s pain and stiffness were significantly reduced and her strength, and her stamina and flexibility are dramatically increasing.

The other day Susie came for her session after taking off for a few weeks due to traveling as well as sickness; she was not exactly raring to go! In fact she warned, “Maybe we should take it easy and just do some stretches.”

Sure Susie…yeah right! You know me! After 1 hour of moving her assets Susie was smiling from ear to ear and said she felt so much better and was so glad she didn’t cancel!

Not ONE person!

In more than 25 years of encouraging others to move their assets (even my own) I’ve never encountered ONE person who didn’t feel better afterwards…not ONE! (Hmmm and that’s why I’m writing a book!)

How many grandmas do you know who actually get their grandkids to do exerball, band and kickbox workouts with them rather than plotz their assets on the couch while the grandkids chase their own tails?

"We have another grandchild on the way so I definitely have to stay in shape to keep up with them!" Susie says. Her grandkids simply expect that she'll be moving her assets with them when they come for a visit!

No rest for this grandma on her next family vacation, with all her kids and their kids, to celebrate her and Ed’s anniversary (who by the way is not a constant pain in the assets!!).

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