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Bethy’s deep thought of the day: The cure for early morning aches and pains

Bethy's deep thought 1Have you noticed that your chronic aches and ailments seem most severe when you wake up and (attempt to) get out of bed?

You can’t imagine how many people tell me that their stuffy noses, aching knees, backs, assets and other parts seem to ease up as they get in the groove and start to move…

DUH!! You’ve been in the same position for umpteen hours…especially if you were a pure couch potato, equipped with remote, before you actually went to sleep!

Why do you think I have spent five years of my life writing Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank? Because I (and my tribe of Better Butts customers) know firsthand that simply moving can cure most of your sedentary ills!

My own serious morning aches and pains

Just this morning I woke up with some serious pain in my right ankle. I could barely step on it to get out of bed. (You can read much more about my freekazoid feet in my book.) Being barefoot is a no-no for me. As soon as I put my sneakers on and walk on the trail, the pain actually subsides drastically and so do all my other ailments.

You are truly missing out on some joyous, energizing, creative and pain-free days if you begin your day by plotzing down with newspaper and breakfast without allowing movement to cure you. I especially feel sorry for folks who do that and then step into their car to sit, even longer, and in a terrible posture…OY VEY!

Treat yourself right

Do yourself a huge favor and devote even 20 minutes to a walk or any activity of your choosing — even Windex every freakin’ mirror in the house, I don’t care what activity you pick — before breakfast (and with your morning coffee, of course).

Don’t worry, smart asset; you have enough energy storage in your body parts to get you through this 20 minutes. You don’t have to eat the moment you roll out of bed! (Though to me, the coffee is a necessity!)

Coffee on the Trail 4
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