June 21, 2013 The Asset Queen

More than 17,000 Facebook likes?

Are you kidding me?

Just begging for a close-up [of your arteries, maybe]…introducing McDonald's new Quarter Pounder Burgers.

McDonald's quarter pounder
THIS got 17,000 Facebook likes? Wow…just shows you what (unfortunately) most Americans like!!

HMMM maybe this is part of the reason why the U.S. was crowned the world's fattest (developed) country???

Please do not miss all the "nutrition" info of this burger. You can find it right here. The quarter pounder with cheese has:

  • 520 calories (240 of them from fat)
  • 26 grams of fat

Not enough fat for you? Then try the double quarter pounder with cheese:

  • 750 calories (380 of them from fat)
  • 43 grams of fat

Okay, they both have 2% of your daily allotment of Vitamin C, so there is some benefit!

On second thought, maybe all those Facebook "likes" were for the little yellow pepper…ya think????

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