June 17, 2013 The Asset Queen

Have you eaten your crap today?? Yeah, you probably did.

You’re still not getting it. How do I know? Hmmm let’s see…I watch you:

  • Pull the rice out of an innocent sushi roll and replace it with solid fat cream cheese. You’d really get the sushi chefs a little verdreht in Japan.
  • Throw away a 100-calorie hamburger bun whilst reaching for a 2nd burger smothered in almost solid fat cheese, which has 5 times the calories and 80 times the fat of the innocent bun, even if it’s not the preferred whole grain bread.
  • Order “a bunch of fats and a little protein on a bed of water,” aka Cobb Salad, and you even poured that side of dressing right on it. Those “little” side cups are 2 to 4 ounces; dressing has 100 calories per ounce… come on, even we can do the math on that!
  • Eat sugar-laden “protein” bars as a meal.

And don’t get me started with you “bagel scoopers.” I’ll really give it to you good in my book! In fact you guys (and gals) are my niche market!

Bethy's trick quiz

Maybe this picture will once and for all slap you upside your carbophobic head. Yumm….Moo Goo Gai Pan. Look closely cuz this may be a trick quiz:

Chinese food sauce
You’ve decided that it’s time to eat healthier and cut down on some of the crap that you consume on a daily basis. Look at that picture and tell me what you should avoid?

We are talking in general here so stop with your “Is it organic?” and “I’m a vegetarian!” specific smart asset back talk (LOL!).

Ok, here is a hint…that “bowl of soup” you see in the picture is actually the sauce on the side!! When I put my finger in, it was oily to the touch.

That sauce, which normally you let your friendly chef smother your food in, contains HUNDREDS of empty calories mostly from fat, whilst that innocent brown rice that you may have shoved aside has no fat and is chuck full of nutrients (ie, it’s nutrient dense.)

One of my clients, Diana, who’s been to China 6 or 7 times, says the food she sees in Chinese restaurants in the US bears no resemblance to the food you see in China. They do sauce the meat and veggies when they stir-fry them but it's not oily and it would never be that size bowl even for an entire wok of food…ewww!

In fact, you don't see obese people in China — except the ones who eat at all the new American fast-food restaurants that we’ve sadly exported to them! DUH!

My "app" for your smartphone

In case you are not aware, plug this little equation into your smartphone and pull it out when you’re about to ignore the carbs and eat the fat:

Fat has 9 calories per gram while carbohydrates and proteins have 4 calories per gram.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that fat has MORE THAN TWICE the calories of the latter two nutrients. And people, sausage and bacon are NOT proteins! They contain mostly fat.

Please pause and absorb (and preferably pace while doing this) the profanity…whoops, I think I mean profundity…of this fact:

If you consume more than 50% of your diet from fatty foods, then a large portion of YOU will be fat!

You are ABSOLUTELY what you eat. This excess fat will show up under your skin — it’s that wobbly, puckered stuff that that you keep squeezing when you ask me how to get rid of it. That excess fat will also (not so obviously) show up in your organs and in your veins and arteries and you will be told that your (bad) cholesterol is high.

Take it from me (whose plate of food that is in the picture) and load up on those nutrient dense foods and cut the crap. If at least half of your consumption comes from vegetables and/or fruits, those issues that you bark about in the previous paragraph will be a thing of the past.

Of course, moving your assets most of the day is the first part of Bethy's Commandment 11:

Thou shalt move more and eat less (crap).

Much more about cutting crap and the 11th commandment in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank!

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