June 10, 2013 The Asset Queen

“I have too many pains in the assets to move them.”

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of you tell me that. But the truth is you have too many pains in your assets because you don’t move them!

Believe you me (I know, that phrase makes no sense, but I say it a lot in my book), I wake up with some horrendous aches and pains and it’s difficult to get out of bed, yes even for me, the 50ish-year-young asset queen.

My turned-in ankles are so sore that sometimes it’s difficult to even put my foot down. My low back…ouch! This morning I couldn’t even bend over and pick up the shirt I'd flung in the middle of the night because of my hot flashes.

Yes I’m a morning mess, too, like you! But lo and behold I have…

…my morning coffee

…my morning potty visit

…my morning tryst on the trail

Coffee on the Trail 2
…and voila! I’m a new person.

I attribute this significantly to the latter endeavor. When I start out my day with a walk on the trail — at least 30 minutes — my aches and pains diminish so greatly. The creative ideas, stuck thoughts and daily to do’s seem to just pour into my brain. My oohs and aahs are reduced dramatically from a 9 to about a 3.

Lessons learned

A. My pain (and most likely yours, too) is at its worst when I wake up because I’ve been in the same position for so freakin’ long…DUH.

B. As soon as I start to move, the pain is greatly diminished. HMMM sounds like a metaphor for the entire premise of my book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank!

So if we sit on our assets more than we move them, sounds like lots of complications will occur. You will learn much more about hypokenetic (sitting) diseases such as unexplained back and other pains in my book.

On the rare occasion that I have to get into my car 1st thing I the morning and don’t have the luxury of a trail tryst, my oohs and aahs don’t disappear so readily and I am more fatigued.

I feel bad for people who get out of bed, then sit on the couch to eat or sit at the breakfast table and then sit on their assets in the car to commute. If you are one of them, then you are truly missing out on some amazing benefits that you could be experiencing with just a 30-minute walk 1st thing in the AM — I kid you not.

Wake up just 30 minutes earlier tomorrow and promise yourself you will do it.

Oh and bring your coffee with you.

Coffee on the Trail 3

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