May 19, 2013 The Asset Queen

Bethy’s tip of the day: The best 20 cents you may ever invest!

I was at the airport a few weeks ago and I got into a conversation with a woman from Jamaica (the island, not Queens NY LOL).

She told me she misses the fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables that she ate in her hometown.

Fruits and veggies
She said that in order to remove the smell and taste of pesticides (EWWWWW) off the lovely fruits and vegetables produced in the US, she sprays a concoction of water and vinegar (HMMM!).

So I googled this and she's absolutely right. Not only does a 3-to-1 ratio of water-to-vinegar help remove pesticides that are on the outside of fruits and veggies, but it also KILLS 98% of bacteria. Holy crap!!

And each bottle of water-and-vinegar mix costs you about 20 cents!

Piggy bank
That's a fraction of the cost of those expensive concoctions you buy in the grocery store.

Check it out here and here— complete with "recipe" and instructions.

Hey, if something completely edible and non-toxic is that useful, it sounds like a no-brainer to moi!

OK vinegar may not help you move your assets but it also kills toenail fungus so your feet will be prettier when they move your assets all over town!

And since my goal in life is to get you to "move more and eat less (crap)," if I can convince you to reach for a healthy, yummy apple instead of a bag of fat-laden chips or cookies, my job here is done.

Well, not quite done. I have lots more tips for you coming right up. Watch this space….

Food heart

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