April 18, 2013 The Asset Queen

Me? A smoking punk rocker? (Yes, there’s a photo!)

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I’m giving you a sneak peak at some never-before-revealed material from my upcoming book Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank.

I’m inspired to reveal this photo (be very frightened) of myself because just the other day someone at the gym said to me, “I’ve bet you always been in great shape, even as a kid!”


Punk Bethy on motorcycle - tweaked

Yes, that's me at 19!

Yes, that beaut is really me at 19 equipped with motorcycle, beer, and cigarette.

Back then I'm sure that getting a tattoo of a skull on my “assets” was more appealing to me than moving them! I’m glad I didn’t go for the former -– wheeewwwww!

I know you’re asking yourself, “What the heck was she thinking?” 

I can’t really answer that but at the time I thought I was the hottest thing on the planet. I don’t think anyone else did, however (except maybe one of my punk rocker boyfriends, Falcon Crest).

At 19 years old I was hopelessly out of shape, bored with sitting in a classroom for 15 years in a row, and I needed a change, so it was time for me to take the next logical step! 

Yes, I did what any other Jewish female from New York with 2-toned spiked hair would do: I joined the Army!

Needless to say, that experience did not work out too well for me. I know you’re dying to know what happened after I got shot in the assets at Fort McClellan Alabama. Just kidding…I actually was honorably (and medically) discharged after three months because I was SO out of shape! This time I'm NOT kidding!

You'll read much more in my book about "Private Bethanne" and how I eventually turned into the lean, mean, moving machine that I am today…

Bethanne Weiss (after)

Yes, that's me at 45! (I'm 47 now!)

You'll also read many other real-life amazing stories from an amazing cast of characters.

And you’ll not only learn what happened to moi…but you’ll also find out how to get rid of your own aches, pains, diseases, and unwanted fat, and how to wake up your own sleeping muscles — just by moving your assets and eating less crap!

Stay tuned…maybe I'll post another never-before-revealed excerpt (and another stunning "before" photo) right here…

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