April 11, 2013 The Asset Queen

The “It Works!” wrap party…what the?

Did this headline grab you? Did you get wrapped up in it? Pun intended.

The "It Works!" wrap promises to "tighten, tone and firm in as little as 45 minutes."

And oh yeah, you can host your own home party and get all your friends to try it.

What the?

You already know how much I despise expensive, evil products that promise quick results and prey on our vulnerable side that wants to feel better NOW and at any cost.

If "miracle" products — like a "wrap" that promises to give you "fast and lasting results" — really worked, there wouldn’t be a new potion, lotion or diet d’jour every freakin’ week! Don’t get me started!

Sadly the “It Works!” wrap will sell a lot more quickly and make a lot more money than my book Move Your Assets. Ya know why? Because it’s a quick fix that promises immediate results and that’s what sells.

My book cannot promise quick results, but it promises lifelong results. People are trying to get themselves in shape but are either not willing to do the work or just don’t have faith in themselves.

So instead they will spend billions of dollars on products and make some multi-level marketing company even richer — and lose out on dozens of benefits that moving their own assets would give them.

Not you, however!

But “they” won’t be “you” because you will not sell out to those three
awful words, ”Lose weight quickly”–no siree! If something sounds too
good to be true, it is!

  • Will a wrap lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure?
  • Will a wrap increase your bone density? 
  • Will a wrap lift your butt and stop your knees and back from hurting?

I don't think so!

But moving your assets will do all this and more — like this awesome exercise that involves nothing more than your stairs and your floor:

Stair planks 1

Moving like this will give you long-term, life-changing benefits — not ridiculous short-term fix-it  "solutions." You'll learn about all these and many other benefits of moving when you “slowly” read my book.

In fact, my book will absolutely change your life for good and your total investment will be less than $20…no gimmicks, no sales pitches and no fake butt and gut models in the ads!

Oh, and if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite, just apply Preparation H to the area and you'll get the same temporary results as these gimmicks at a fraction of the cost!

Since you will be using it for a lifetime, you may as well stock up on Prep H (or even the store brand of hemorrhoid cream), which will cost a heck of a lot less than a wrap!