April 7, 2013 The Asset Queen

Better Butts by Beth—Beth’s best exercise for your butt! (video as promised!)

They don’t call me the asset queen for nothing!

Last week, I kept you in suspense and told you I was going to reveal my favorite anywhere, anytime, best butt exercise.

Here it is..the asset queen's favorite booty-boosting exercise:


I do these impromptu videos for you without a lot of props and scripting — so that you realize you can do these same exercises yourself.

And you need to! The biggest and one of the most powerful muscles in the human body is supposed to be the gluteus maximus (the buttock muscle). Its job is to keep the trunk of your body in an upright posture.

It's the most important anti-gravity muscle that aids you when you're walking up stairs or uphill.

Hmmm, so if you sit on your assets most of the time, I'm positive that your glute muscles have shriveled up — and lots of fat now dwells where lovely lean body mass once lurked.

The good news is that you can bring those babies back just by waking them up.

This great exercise works many more muscles than just your glutes; in fact it really works your entire body and helps dramatically improve your posture and balance. 

So try the asset queen's favorite booty-boosting exercise… and you too can have the best butt on the block!



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