April 2, 2013 The Asset Queen

Butt-boosting SPANX??? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Obviously, I’m not the only one who enjoys a lifted fanny or else Butt-Boosting SPANX (R) wouldn’t be such a hot seller at $68!

These actually come with optional insert able "butt-lets" to help you "add a cheek size." I am not making this up!

So, you want to fool people with your “falsees”…but once you remove that thing, your “pale” sags down to your knees, which of course still ache!

You already know how I feel about quick-fix gadgets, potions and lotions…don’t get me started! And if you don’t know how I feel, you’ll sure get a good dose of my gripes, pet peeves and sassy quips when you read my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank.

If you’ve been following my “how to get a better butt” series (here, here, here, and here), you know I’m a little obsessive about “jacking up that pale,” “raising your booty,” and lifting those assets high enough to set a few drinks on them, like mine:

Better butts - Cropped
I haven’t been dubbed “Better Butts by Beth” just because I want you to look as good going as you do coming, no siree. I want your glutes to be the largest muscles in your body, like they’re supposed to be, so that your poor knees, back, and hips don’t have to take the brunt of the movement and suffer.

But because you chose to sit on rather than move your lovely assets for all these years, those beautiful glutes have withered away and you now have lots of junk in your trunk!

The good news

You can bring those glutes back to life with some simple exercises, which I’ve shown you in my last few blog posts.

Remember, one of my favorite lines is, “If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will.” So try to focus on squeezing those assets as much as possible even if you are seated.  

Stay tuned. This weekend I’ll post a new video with my favorite booty-lifting exercise of all time — and you can do it anywhere!

Meanwhile, remember this: If I squeeze your butt, it better be yours and not SPANX’s!



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