March 21, 2013 The Asset Queen

Better Butts by Beth—Do your knees hurt?

A few days ago I started a new series here on how to have a better butt by Beth. (Did you miss it? Then click here to watch me explain how my very own butt is a national security threat.)

So now I want to answer the question I know you are asking: "What does a better butt have to do with my knees?"

A lot.

Has it ever occurred to you that your knees began hurting when you bought that 1-story house and you stopped climbing stairs like you did years ago?

Or when you forgot that you can actually take the stairs at the mall but instead you mindlessly use escalators and elevators?

So what happened?

So now your gluteus maximus muscles (the ones that are supposed to comprise most of your assets) don’t have the strength to help you “climb." Why? Because they shrunk up exorbitantly from too much sitting. Instead you've replaced them with oodles of fat.

As a result your poor knees have to take the brunt of the load. Do yah think maybe that’s one of the reasons why they hurt? 

No? I guess you're not getting that yet. Don’t worry I'll elaborate on sleeping assets in my book, Move Your Assets. Once you read it you'll understand that lots of your aches and ailments began brewing when you curtailed moving your assets the way man and (and lady) is meant to.

My latest video

But for now, let me show you some awesome and creative ways to move your assets right at home — starting with your stairs:


Amazing, huh? You can actually use your stairs as exercise equipment — and get a better butt at the same time!

Take the stairs!

So stop telling me you want a house without stairs, like some of those guests on the show House Hunters. Oy vey, I get so pissy when people half my age request a house with no stairs!

We were built for climbing freakin' mountains! Nowadays you have the luxury of having steps to make your trek easier and you still avoid them like the plague at the mall and take the escalator instead!

Don’t get me started.

Have I convinced you? If you, too, want a better butt, think of your stairs as your new BFF!

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