February 10, 2013 The Asset Queen

My amazing clients…Meet my new couch “Linnette”

I LOVE the plank! And I’m not talking about the one you walk on! Well, maybe the kind you sit on…like the Linnette couch!

Check out this video:


My client, the lovely Linnette (who is a grandmother, mind you), is holding a
3-minute plank and with 130 pounds of Moi on her back!

I find this completely fascinating…what a profound test of overall strength, posture and muscular endurance.

The average out-of-shape American cannot hold himself or herself in a plank posture for 15 seconds without feeling the weak, unconditioned muscles of their trunk, spine, abdominals or shoulder girdle making them want to quickly “plotz” onto the floor.

Try it right now yourself. How long can you hold a plank?

When unconditioned clients come to me, the plank is a nightmare for them and we immediately realize where their weak areas are…uh, generally everywhere! 

But there's hope!

As cliché as it may sound, practice makes perfect. It is amazing to watch my clients' transformation from the 15-second struggle with a painful stationary plank to more than 5 minutes of various fancy planks.

I'm talking about the same person just a few weeks later, I kid you not!!

The best news is that their back pain is gone, their muscles are more conditioned and the plank becomes much easier for everyone who does it, and I mean everyone! (Yes, even YOU!)

So, great job, Lady Linnette! I think the Guinness Book of World Records is awaiting your phone call.

Read more about Linnette and other awesome ladies in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank.

Plank--sitting on Linnette

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