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Watch where you stab that salad fork!

One of the purposes of my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair not the Bank, is to get you to conduct your own studies by tapping into your own intuition instead of reading biased studies.

I also encourage you to make your own observations just by watching what people order at restaurants and watching how much or little they move. You learn so much…enough to write an entire freakin’ book!

People who actually listen to me and have a little "me" on their shoulder constantly saying, “Move more and eat less (crap),” are making some amazing little discoveries on their own. 

One of my clients works at a pretty famous national restaurant chain here in Orlando, which shall remain unnamed! She told me she has observed customers ordering a salad..

Salad 1 cropped
that’s piled with bacon…

Bacon 1

Cheese 2

and fried chicken!

Fried chicken 1
Then they order “dressing on the side" (and probably the infamous Diet Coke as well, since that neutralizes everything LOL!).

Salad dressing 4 cropped

The purpose of ordering dressing on the side is supposed to be to
limit the amount of extra fat and calories going into your salad. But
they order ranch dressing (what else goes with fried chicken?) and then
proceed to dump the entire contents on their salad!

Check this out

I don’t care how much you suck at math, you will get this!  That side cup of dressing is 4 ounces. One ounce of ranch dressing is 100 calories—and basically all of it is fat.

So…c’mon, even you can do the freakin’ math! Yes, that’s 400 extra calories, 380 of them solid fat!

Needless to say, this so-called “healthy” salad has more fat than you need for an entire day and almost all the calories you need for an entire day—especially if you are an asset sitter most of the time (asset movers are allowed to have more calories…woo hoo!).

My 2 great tips

Here are 2 of my great salad tips to help you consume less calories, especially from fat, and eat much more healthy:

1. If you must use dressing on your salad, stay away from the white or creamy ones, like Ranch, bleu cheese, etc. Pick ones that have balsamic, other vinegars, or lemon juice as the base.

2. Instead of dumping the entire side order of dressing onto your salad, first dip your fork into the dressing…

Salad dressing 2

…like this…

Salad dressing 1

and then stab your fork into your salad—not the other way around…

Salad dressing 3

Yum! You’ll be amazed at how much taste you get and how little dressing you use, less than half an ounce. We need to thank the late Jack LaLanne for this amazing tip! My clients who try this are sold on it and can’t believe how many useless calories they avoid.

In my next post I'll give you more great healthy eating tips by taking you on an ultra-secret insider’s VIDEO tour of…my very own refrigerator!


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If you must use dressing on your salad, stay
away from the “white” or creamy ones. Pick ones that have balsamic, other
vinegars, or lemon juice as the base.
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