January 7, 2013 The Asset Queen

This “ain’t” rocket science, people!

If you are an asset mover, your assets will be smaller…DUH!

One of my clients decided to go ice skating on New Year’s Day. Yes, we do have ice skating in Florida.

Ice skating 2
It’s under a tent instead of a cold and frosty sky, and everyone wears
shorts instead of long johns, but hey, it’s winter in Florida.

Don’t laugh at us; the next time you’re digging out from under a snowstorm, we’ll be at the beach!

So there’s my client skating away when she noticed something amazing: Everyone on the ice — adults and kids alike –- was pretty svelte. Everyone sitting on the benches around the ice watching the skaters was…well, need I say more?

Knowing me as you do, I think you already know the moral of the story. So, get that car off the cinder blocks and begin to rev your engine. (Which is a Bethy metaphor for, "Move your assets: from the chair, not the bank!")

Or should I say: "Move your assets: from the chair onto the ice!"

Ice skating 1

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