January 1, 2013 The Asset Queen

“No” to the dreaded New Year’s resolutions!


Happy New Year 4Happy New Year! If you MUST make a resolution for 2013…vow to NEVER diet again!

I'm always telling you that it's the CRAP not the CARBS that are making you fat, but many of you still refuse to buy into it — and you have the high cholesterol and lots of dimply fat all over your body to prove it!

You forced me into writing Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank to "smack you upside your head" and debunk your myths and misconceptions about what it means to be a healthy eater — and, of course, how and why to move your assets!

So this awesome article supports my entire eating healthier philosophy with a bunch of documented studies.

Wow, all you had to do was read my book and you would already know all this.

Oh wait, my book is not ready yet…but you can read my blog posts, which give you all the ammo you need to move your assets daily and be a healthy eater daily!

That is the absolute best way to begin 2013 — and you don't need a resolution to do it!

Happy New Year 2


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