November 12, 2012 The Asset Queen

Bethy’s thought of the day: Which comes first?

I get asked the same questions a lot and I give the same smart asset answers a lot. You will read all about them in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, not the Bank.

Here is one of your excuses, ooh I'm sorry, I mean questions:

Q. Shouldn’t I lose weight first and then begin an asset moving (AKA "workout" or "dreaded E word") program?

A. Absolutely do NOT wait til you lose weight with a "diet" first! If you do, you'll come running to me with saggy, wobbly pieces of skin that no longer have fat or muscle to “smooth and fill them out” and you'll ask me how to get rid of them!!

Flabby skin 1If you are extremely out of shape and/or morbidly obese and feel you need permission from your doctor to even walk again, please get it quickly. No doc will be opposed to you wanting to move your assets, I can promise you that. There are only a handful of true medical conditions that require absolute rest — and obesity, diabetes, heart disease and fibromyalgia are not on that short list.

So go get your medical clearance and then find passion in asset moving. I don’t care if it’s Zumba, FUNIQ, Karate, circuit training, biking, boot camp, walk/running . . . any activity that excites you and your inner baby and makes your sock go up and down (like your hot boyfriend) will be great.

Then once you’ve added that positive program to your life, you can focus on cutting down on crap instead of cutting out an entire food group.

You'll read a lot more about this in my book. It's coming soon, I promise!

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