November 6, 2012 The Asset Queen

Bethy’s thought of the day: “What’s the best exercise?”

When people ask me, "What's the best exercise for me?" my answer is, "There is no best exercise. It's the one that you will do and enjoy!"

If you'd rather watch paint dry than walk on the treadmill (I know I would), then ditch that freakin' treadmill and try something fun and exciting that you can get lost in. 

Exercising 1
I don't care if you spin, dance, kick, punch, step, or run/walk in circles (as long as you go backwards and side to side, too, as well as keep a tall and safe posture!).Exercising 4
Finding a program that motivates you to move your assets is as personal a choice as what (or who) motivates you to decorate, pray, or vote. (HMMM…how apropos to today's election!)

There is no right or wrong if it works for YOU — as long as you perform safely and in a good posture and move all your body parts in all the directions they are meant to move, of course!

Exercising 2
So find what you love to do and you'll love doing it!

Exercising 3

…and bring out that "inner baby"…the one that is longing and needing to move, just like it did many moons ago…even in mommy's tummy. It screamed "let me out so I can move my assets!"