September 15, 2012 The Asset Queen

Bethy’s thought of the day: Do we have to “celebrate” this event again?

Here we are again "celebrating" Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. I ranted about it, I mean wrote about it, last year and sadly America did not listen to me because here we are, once again, marking this gruesome event.

When I see parents dropping off their kids at bus stops that are a mere 2 blocks from their homes, I know we're enabling the horrific trend in childhood obesity in our country. Later in the afternoon they drive the same 2 blocks to the bus stop to pick up their kids. And this is in sunny  Florida where it's beautiful 360 days out of the year! Man, I can just imagine what goes on in rainy Seattle or
freezing, snowy Buffalo.

Get out of the car and walk to the bus stop…

School bus 5

Or ride your bike…

School bus 3

Or roller skate…

School bus 4
You'll help your kids and yourself.

I understand that in this day and age you don't want your kids waiting alone especially before the sun comes up. So stand with them instead of waiting in your car (what is that??). I don't care if you play Patty Cake but just get the heck off of your assets!



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