August 17, 2012 The Asset Queen

Try this right now: Column A and column B

I'm starting a brand-new series on my blog called "Try this right now." These are tips you'll read in my upcoming book–but I know you can't wait til it's published, right?

So because I'm just that kind of a person, I'm going to post some of them right here, so you can try them right now!

Here's the first one…

Get out a piece of paper. (Go ahead. I'll wait…)

Draw a line down the middle…

Paper drawing line with ruler
Label one side "column A" and the other "column B." In column A (order Won Ton soup, egg roll—just kidding) list all the ways you relied on your body before online shopping, emailing and other technological wonders came into your life.

For example, maybe you actually used to shop for clothes and shoes by physically walking into a store or the mall. Maybe you used to walk into a bank, to a payphone or to the office down the hall to deliver a message.

In column B list all the ways you physically rely on your body during this technologically advanced time. 

Now look at what you wrote….

Paper--looking at it
Hmmm, do you play more Words with Friends or do you actually walk with friends?

If column B is way shorter than column A, you are probably suffering from many hypokenetic diseases (Huh?? Yes, there is such a classification of diseases) because you sit on your assets a lot more than you move them.

You will read a lot more about this in my appropriately named upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank.

Meanwhile let me know in a comment what your column A/B list looks like! If column B is way shorter than column A, you need to find some creative ways to move your assets and avoid being totally taken over by technology. Here are a few:

  • Skip the drive-thru and actually walk into the store.
  • Park your car further from the store and walk to it.
  • Walk with friends instead of playing Words with Friends.
  • Skip the escalators and use the steps.
  • Walk to the office next to you and deliver a message in person…OY VEY!!

Stay tuned for more "Try this right now" tips. Right here!

Paper with A+