June 19, 2012 The Asset Queen

“I love bacon even though it’s bad for you.”–Part 1

Hint: This quote did not come from me!

Here's more proof that you are what you eat! I'm constantly encouraging people to make their own observations and conduct their own experiments, rather than just believe all the statistics and studies.

It’s amazing what you can learn just by observing and listening to other people.

One of my favorite places to look, listen and learn is on the buffet line on my favorite cruise ship. It’s amazing to watch folks strap on those feedbags and then pile into glass elevators like cattle.

The people who follow this protocol are usually pretty large, to say the least! (You'll read a lot more about observing and listening in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!)

So this morning I did a little observation and listening myself. Okay, I was eavesdropping! I was walking on the Seminole/Wekiva Trail right behind my house and two 60ish women were talking and walking in front of me. 

One was very thin and fit and one was pleasantly overweight with a bit of a “food baby” or should I say “bacon baby.” The great thing is that they were both moving their assets!

As I passed them I overheard the following conversation:

Pleasantly overweight lady (POL): “I love bacon even though I know it’s bad for you.”

Thin, fit lady (TFL) after a long pause: “Once in a while, I guess it’s okay.”

Bacon 1
No, I didn’t approach them for a book interview (like I normally would). I just wanted to absorb the profoundness of what I had heard so that I could start writing this blog post and tell you all about it!

I'm happy that POL acknowledged that bacon is bad, because it really is! I am even happier she and TFL were both moving their assets even while talking about high fat/empty calorie foods. 

You are absolutely what you eat! 

If more than 50% of your food intake comes from high-fat foods, well then by golly, I have no doubt that 50% of your body will be fat! 

Bacon and sausage have way more than 50% of their calories coming from fat…even more than 70%.

So stop trying to convince yourself that these are high-protein foods!

Bacon 2
Yes, even bacon and sausage made from chicken and turkey rather than pork have way more calories coming from fat than protein.

You are so much better off eating lean turkey or chicken breast or even their embryos (mmm…eggs!)

Sorry for the graphic description LOL, but why is it politically correct to eat the skin, fat and other parts of an animal that should be disposed of (like the stuff that’s stuffed into sausage and bacon) with your eggs at breakfast, but most people will cringe at the thought of ordering a side of chicken breast with their breakfast?

Oh sure, it’s okay to eat the baby in the morning, but save the mommy for lunch or dinner! Just something to ponder!

My breakfast

Here’s what I had for breakfast this morning:

A flax pita (only 60 calories)…


2 slices of turkey breast (from the deli not the Thanksgiving table LOL)…


Some spinach…

Breakfast--spinach 3

And a little avocado (a little–don't go all crazy, okay?)…

The whole thing probably had 350 calories and less than 25% of that total came from (good) fat…avocado.

It was awesome, I have lots of energy and less than 25% (1/4) of my body weight comes from fat!! DUH!

What is a good fat? What is a bad fat?

And how do you know if a food is high in fat? 

Much more about good vs. bad fats in my next blog post. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much info all at once. My point is, most (very) overweight people got that way by a combination of eating too much fat and by not moving their assets… Period, end of story!!

Take advice from the thin, fit 60ish lady who commented that eating bacon once in a while is “okay” while she was briskly walking on the Seminole/County trail moving her assets!

Watch for Part 2 soon!


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