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“Dieting” may actually INCREASE your appetite hormones!

Permanently changing your eating habits as a lifestyle is a lot easier said than done. That’s why there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of diets out there to get you to “lose weight,” some more quickly than others.

But there are not many dieters who have been successful with keeping the weight off permanently. Come on, out of your 50 friends who’ve gone on diets, I bet you can count on (less than) one hand how many have stayed lean and svelt.

I’ve noticed that in many cases, many of my dieting buddies and acquaintances actually seem to be “fluffier” each time they gain back the weight, and before their next fad diet of choice. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Here's the proof

Well, guess what? There may be a scientific explanation for this post-diet weight gain! It ain’t fun, it ain’t pretty and it has to do with your hormones…the ones that control your appetite.

A new study, which appears in the latest issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, compared the blood level of hormones that influence appetite in subjects before and one year after a weight-loss program.

The findings showed that even one year after a weight-loss program, 6 of 9 of hormones were still out of whack and in a direction that would boost hunger.

The subjects reported being hungrier as well. DUH!! Depriving yourself of one of your most basic instincts, eating, can actually make you “fatter” in the long run.

How to burn fewer calories

To make matters even worse, if you are losing muscle along with that weight, you may be burning fewer calories with your lighter body.

So this coupled with a bigger appetite is going to make you “fatter in the long run.” Read more here.

How you can sensibly lose weight and keep it off is one of the things you'll read about in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets.

As I always say, your best bet for long term results is to move MORE and eat LESS (crap)!!

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