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Making healthy eating choices: Harvard adds its “two cents”

Oooh, you’re in trouble now…big, big trouble! Harvard has edited “My Plate” and recommends that we make it EVEN MORE healthy! (I think most Americans already have a tough time following the government’s version!)

The US government has given us great basic guidelines on what and how much to eat; you can find this info at Of course you will read more about this drop-dead gorgeous plate in my book Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!

Choose My Plate blue

Basically, this pic tells us that ½ our plate should consist of fruits and vegetables, ¼ should be grains, and the other ¼ should be protein. It also leaves a little room for a serving of dairy.

Sounds reasonable enough, right? If you go to the website and click each food group, you’ll get examples of each and which ones to modify or avoid.

Let's face it: Most American’s DO NOT devote ½ their plates to fruit and veggies (unless maybe it’s on one of the four plates they just devoured at the OK Corral Buffet!).

Harvard's tweaks

Now Harvard University has come up with their own “healthy eating plate” (click that link to enlarge the plate–because you're going to want to read it to understand what I'm about to say!):

Harvard healthy eating plate
There are a lot of things I do like about the Harvard plate…but I have to say it looks like we’ve gone and pissed off Harvard because they won’t even let us eat a good old plain baked potato anymore!

See, America, we had to go ruin an awesome healthy, nutritious potato by drenching it with cheese, bacon, sour cream and other crap (aka empty calories.) So now Harvard won't even let us call them “vegetables” anymore! Instead they group plain potatoes with French fries and call them foods that “don’t count.”

And because we’ve smothered fatty cheese all over healthy foods like potatoes, as well as on not-so-healthy foods like hot dogs, we’re not even entitled to a dairy serving with our meal; ok we’re allowed 1-2 servings of dairy per day. (And, no, throwing on 9 or 10 healthy chives on your fat-laden potato doesn't counteract the damage all that fat has caused you.)

Who stole the sweet potatoes?

Oh my, there is no "ok" for sweet potatoes on Harvard’s plate, either. That's probably because we've also ruined them by turning them into waffle fries!

I love Harvard’s plan (it lets me drink coffee), but is it realistic for most Americans?

I do agree with Harvard’s limits on dairy because I prefer you have water with your meal rather than milk, and put avocado instead of cheese on your sandwich, and high fat empty calorie foods must be greatly limited.

I also love that Harvard’s plate tell us to avoid bacon and processed meat. I will say this till I’m blue in the face, but you know who you are…the ones who will not eat the healthy brown rice, but will eat a high-fat processed food like “turkey sausage.” You are doing yourself a huge injustice by ingesting “crap” that would normally be tossed in the trash, instead of wholesome and nutritious “healthy” carbs.

Even Harvard says so!

How the healthiest, happiest, fittest people eat

There are so many crazy diets for you to chose from, but the healthiest, happiest, fittest people I know eat meals with plates that resemble one of those above. They are happy because they don’t have to go on a “deprivation diet” every few months!

Take a look at what the healthiest people are eating at your favorite restaurant. I can almost guarantee you’ll see a huge resemblance to these plates.

And you think I vent now, wait till you listen to me in my book, Move Your Assets! I pull no punches!

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