October 10, 2011 The Asset Queen

So we now have a “society” for obesity???

What’s next?? A month dedicated to Childhood Obesity? Oh wait, that was last month.

You know how I’m always “kvetching” at you to get up off your assets, even if it means standing up and reading this article on your laptop?

Standing while typing
And I’ve been warning you that 30 or even 60 minutes on the treadmill may not be enough to offset the “damage” that 10 hours of sitting on your assets can do to, well, your assets (as well as many other body parts!) 

Sitting 3
I even posted an article a few months back about "sitting as a disease" in hopes that the word “disease” would frighten you into moving your “tuchas” out of the chair and into the air!

Sitting 7
You’re still not convinced that you should spend the majority of your waking hours on your feet? What else do I have to do to convince you to Move Your Assets: From the Chair not the Bank? Oh, write a book with that as the title?? 

Ok, I’m working on it, but til it’s ready, I’m going to keep posting articles on my blog as “warnings” so that you won’t ever become a member of the Obesity Society, which actually met here in Orlando, Florida, last week!

Here’s what they found about fat-fighting—and they could have just read this blog and saved themselves the meeting! Duh, we all know this stuff already…

The average American sits nine to 10 hours a day, said Dr. Marc Hamilton, professor of inactivity [Wow, is there really a Ph.D. for inactivity??? Must be a huge field nowadays!!] at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La. Most people underestimate how much they sit until they add up time spent sitting while driving, eating, working at a computer or desk and watching television.

In a study of 17,000 men and women comparing those who sat hardly ever to those who sat almost all the time, those who sat most had a much higher rate of death from all causes than those who hardly sat, said Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk, an epidemiologist from Pennington who also specializes in inactivity.

Exercisers aren't immune. Even if you exercise regularly and vigorously, that doesn't offset the hours a day spent sitting.

The findings were so consistent, and convincing, that researchers think sedentary behavior, which for a long time has been linked to cardiovascular disease, should be classified as an independent risk factor.

Diet and exercise are still important, but they're not the antidote for sitting, Hamilton said. "Low intensity physical activity for as many hours a day as possible is the prescription." 

More here: Obesity Society shares latest fat-fight findings

DUH!! How long have we been talking about this, people!!

We don’t need fancy-pants doctors and surveys to tell us what we already know…we need to Move Our Assets if we want to able to play with our kids, walk up the steps (with a dozen eggs from Piggly Wiggly) without getting out of breath and not DIE from a man-created illness such as Type II diabetes!

So get up out of your seat and deliver that message! Don’t let me catch you emailing to the person in the office next to yours!!!

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(wow is there really a PHD for inactivity??? must be a huge field nowadays!!)
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