April 28, 2011 The Asset Queen

Have a better butt by YOU for the summer!

Admit it–you're dreading the return of swimsuit season, right? You don't have to!

All it takes is a moving your assets and you'll look as good going as you do coming. Most people sit on their "fatty acids," so even a little effort will wake up the glutes. Here are some great standing exercises that will lift and tone that butt–and get you ready for your bikini:

Bikini 2 1. Squat/kick back: From a squat position, come up while leaning forward (without arching your back) and do a back push-kick using your heel to push. Alternate for 20.

2. Wide plie' squats: Squeeze your butt on the way up. Repeat for 20.

3. Backward lunges: Alternate for 20.

4. Walk backwards and side to side while squeezing glutes: Add this to your walking-forward routine!

Here's the key to make it all work: Whatever type of squat you do, put your weight on your heels when you come up and you'll really work your butt!

And if you want more, you can get a "Better Butt by Beth" right in your own home or in the  beautiful, new FUNIQ studio (coming soon). Want to know more? bethannesinfo@aol.com or 407.491.8107.

You can be in the most awesome shape of your life this summer and I can help you do it. Hey, they don't call me Better Butts by Beth for nothing, LOL.       

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


Bikini 1

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