January 11, 2011 The Asset Queen

Look who’s talking!

Me, of course!

Your favorite fitness guru, aka Better Butts by Beth, has been getting lots of media attention lately.  She contributed to these awesome articles and podcasts packed with useful info for you:

"What's your excuse for avoiding exercise?" The Denver Post

"America Won the Fattest Developed Country Award"eHealth Radio podcast

"Fitness Deals to Beat the New Year Rush"The Wall Street Journal's SmartMoney.com

"Smart food substitutions" JumpSnap Nation

"Shake and Bake" Better Homes and Gardens

Want more from moi including interviews and articles in MSN.com and Honeymoons.com? Click here, "Bethanne's Backstory," and scroll down to the bottom for a full list of articles, podcasts, and interviews with yours truly! (You know you can't get enough of me LOL!)

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


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