January 1, 2011 The Asset Queen

Here’s my big New Year’s Day news!

Who ever heard of a funny fitness book? You have! Because I'm writing one–and you know if I'm writing a book, it's NOT going to be dull and boring!

It's called Move Your Assets and it's not only filled with humor, but it will help you totally reinvent your body, your health, and your life by moving your assets—not from the bank but from the chair!

And I do it without mentioning the dreaded words “diet” or “workout.” (After all, who wants more work and rabbit food?!)
Move Your Assets is unlike any existing health or fitness how-to book. You know the ones I'm talking about; they’re packed with chiseled gurus clad in tight striped spandex who are draped over machines that resemble torture devices. They make you endure complicated regimented routines and eating plans that deprive you of, well…FOOD!

Personally, I never met a buffet I didn’t like. That’s why I have to shake, rattle, and move my assets. If my 84-year-old father, Manny (aka "Man- ee-ac") can do it, so can you!

And yes, Man-ee-ac’s story is in the book—along with many others that will inspire and motivate you to move your assets. I'm making this a fun-filled, easy-to-read, and information-packed book that I promise will:

  • Motivate you to focus on moving for a purpose and a passion other than for exercise and weight loss
  • Show you how losing weight (body fat) and becoming way more fit will be automatic consequences of your new lifestyle, rather than primary objectives
  • Convince you that no diet du jour, “miracle” pills or potions can totally change your life like simply moving your assets can
  • Inspire you with stories about (relatively) “ normal” people from all walks of life like my dad and me who’ve totally reinvented our bodies, health, and lives. (You can be just like us when you grow up!)
  • Encourage you to rely on your own common sense rather than scientific jargon or confusing and biased ads
  • Help you find what works for you and YOUR assets (not someone else’s) so that life becomes more enjoyable
  • Turn you into a super creative, energetic, fat-burning machine
  • Get you in the most awesome shape of your life while having fun doing it!

Watch for it soon! Meanwhile, keep moving your assets–not from the bank, but from the chair! Happy New Year!