June 14, 2010 The Asset Queen

Move your assets and eat less crap! It’s time to hire me to show you how…

Better Butts by Beth UPDATE:

You already know that I've been "certifialble" I mean, um,  certified by ACE to move your assets for more than 25 years and I have more than a dozen other certifications. Well now, I've got something really fancy shmancy and profound to add to my life changing and asset moving repertoire.

Beth with nutrition certification

I am an ACE (American Council on Exerise) Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist offering expert advice on cutting down on "crap" and chosing the worlds most healthy foods, label reading 101 for you and your family as well as groups and I can accompany you on a trip to the grocery store so that you don't spend needless $ on needless, nutrition – less crap!  I will teach you how to make some incredible food choices so that you will never have to "go on a diet" or spend oodles of $ on the lates miracle pills, potions and lotions ever again!

For details call me now at 407.491.8107 or email me  at Bethannesinfo@aol.com

By the way: did you know you can get in the best shape of your life in the privacy of your own home? 

Loads of space and fancy equipment are SO not needed to shape and sculpt your muscles, lose body fat, and make you look and feel awesome.

Your brain doesn’t know whether you’re using an expensive machine in a gym or a $10 resistance band…same results without the cost or space.


Through my personal training business, Better Butts By Beth (yes, that's me!), I've transformed clients–from teens to 80-somethings–who are now far more fit than “peops” their age.  

Take a look at my clients Dick and Dottie; can you believe they're in their mid -70s? Actually Dick will be 80 next year!

Dick and dottie workout 005

Dick and dottie workout 008

For only $50 per session, you too can experience a Better Butts By Beth personal training workout. Add a buddy for only $10 more–that's just $30 each to share! At your place or in my Longwood studio!


Your Asset Queen,


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