May 20, 2010 The Asset Queen

FUNIQ changed me!

Check out this great report from Candice. She used to come to my classes regularly…then was off for a few years, and is now back!


It felt great to be back at class!

I turned 36 last year with a stubborn baby fat from 2 years after giving birth. I was running everyday on treadmills without any results. 

I had always been skeptical about classes because they are either hard to follow or maybe too boring. I fell in love with your workout the first day I went. FUNIQ feels like a natural — energizing fun!

The best was that by doing it only once week (together with my running routine) I finally lost 18 lbs!! This is my picture from last year, not bad for 36 years old and 2 kids :-)!



Candice stopped going to classes and gained 6 pounds…but she's back!  She's determined to lose those 6 pounds so she looks like this picture again–and I'm happy to help her do it!

How about you?  What do YOU have to lose? 

Come join Candice and my other great students and I'll help you lose the fat and get ready for swimsuit season!  

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


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