March 31, 2010 The Asset Queen

Best-Ever Butt Exercises

You can do these! (Really!)

Most people sit on their "fatty acids" so even a little effort will wake up the glutes. Here are some great standing exercises that will lift and tone that butt:

1. Squat/kick back: From a squat position, come up while leaning forward (without arching your back) and do a back push-kick using your heel to push. Alternate for 20.

2. Wide plie' squats:
Squeeze your butt on the way up. Repeat for 20.

3. Backward lunges. Alternate for 20.

4. Walk backwards and side to side while squeezing glutes. Add this to your walking-forward routine!

Here's the key to make it all work:  Whatever type of squat you do, put your weight on your heels when you come up and you'll really work your butt!

Hey, they don't call me Better Butts by Beth for nothing, LOL.

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


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