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How Mediterranean Is Your Diet?

Last fall Jeff and I took a cruise around the Mediterranean, and when our ship was actually able to dock LOL (you can read what happened here), this is what I remember: 

1. Scenery like this:


2. People were not obese.

3. They walked everywhere.

4. They ate healthy foods.

Okay, so there was the Greek restaurant owner with the big stomach, but for the most part, people ate healthy and looked healthy.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fish, and olive oil, with a moderate amount of red wine. There's a ton of evidence to prove it helps with weight loss, long life, heart health, and mental health, as well as the prevention of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

So how Mediterranean is your diet? Take this little quiz from the American Council on Exercise and find out. For each one that you can say, "Yeah, that's how I eat!" give yourself a point. (And no cheating–I'm watching!)

How Mediterranean Is Your Diet?

I eat:

__ Vegetables (other than potatoes): 4 or more servings per day

__ Fruits: 4 or more servings per day

__ Whole grains: 2 or more servings per day

__ Beans (legumes): 2 or more servings per week

__ Nuts: 2 or more servings per week

__ Fish: 2 or more servings per week

__ Red and processed meat: 1 or fewer servings per day

__ Dairy foods: 1 or fewer servings per day

__ Alcohol: 1/2 to 1 drink per day for women; 1-2 for men

Score 1 point for each item you checked.  Your total: ___ points

How did you do? If you were close to 0, that means you have a really  low adherence to a Mediterranean diet. If you're closer to 7 to 9, you follow the Mediterranean diet and are probably pretty healthy.

Did you notice I didn't say a word against carbs?  In fact, if you look closely there are plenty of healthy carbs on that list of foods in the Mediterranean diet.

Repeat after me: "CARBS ARE NOT THE ENEMY! Carbs are not poison." In the coming days, I am going to debunk the myth that says they are!

Watch this space. 

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,



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