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7 ways to get through the holidays without gaining weight

Guess how much weight the average person gains between Thanksgiving and New Year's?

3-10 pounds!

Not YOU, however. You are not going to let that happen to you, right? You’re going to enjoy the holidays and still eat right and keep on moving because that’s what our bodies are meant to do.

How?  By following my 7 tips to get through the holidays without gaining weight:

Thanksgiving pies--cropped 

1. Take a walk.  Resist the urge to plop on the couch after a big dinner.  Before you sit down to eat and after you finish, take a short walk.  At least 20 minutes will do it. 

2. Shake and dance!  While you're preparing food, put on your favorite music and shake, dance, and move.  It adds more fun to your cooking and burns quite a bit more calories.

3. Avoid the greasy, saucy stuff. Eat foods that are closest to the version that God created! You can’t go wrong! I know it's not easy when you face a buffet of casseroles, but if half your consumption is from fresh or frozen veggies, fruit, or beans, you may have less room for the calorie-laden stuff. Avoid the greasy, saucy stuff or eat very little.  Spice up your white meat turkey rather than pouring gravy on it. 

4. Move it! If you do indulge, move around after dinner. Here’s a chart that tells you how much exercise it will take to burn off that apple pie and ice cream you just scarfed down. (1-1/2 hours of hiking should do it.) 

5. Stand up. Encourage your guests (and yourself) to stand as much as possible while socializing. Even move around, if you can. Standing burns a lot more calories than sitting, and moving around while talking and drinking is even better!

6. Reward yourself. For every gift you purchase for someone, reward
yourself with 30 minutes of exercise. So 10 gifts…you earned 5 hours of being fit for YOU! Walk,dance, yoga, whatever you wish!

7. Don't wait! Please don’t wait til January 1 to start moving again. Don’t use the
logic, “I’m eating so much; I’ll wait till next year!” Wrong! Keep
moving through this holiday season–like you never moved before–and you
will not gain weight.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


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