October 25, 2009 The Asset Queen

Bethanne’s Healthy Tip of the Week

Have you noticed that restaurant serving sizes have gotten absolutely enormous?  Lunch plates look like serving platters, and the portions are ridiculous!


Restaurant meals have a lot more calories than you might expect. Some of your favorite so-called salads have more than 1,200 calories…wow!

So here's my tip to help you eat right:  Share a meal with your friends.

Friday's, Macaroni Grill, Chili's, and many other restaurants serve enough for 2 people.

Want to see how many calories are hiding in your favorite restaurant food? Check out www.thedailyplate.com; in the search box halfway down the page, type in a restaurant and one of your fav foods…and prepare to be shocked.

Part of the reason some of these dishes are so high in calories is because the portions are so huge.  So you can save calories (and money) by splitting a meal with a friend.

Just don't go all crazy, okay?

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,



Reminder: There are no FUNIQ classes until Monday, November 9.  C ya then!

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