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Myths Debunked: “If I eat late at night, I’ll gain weight.”

I hear exercise and diet myths all the time.  "Avoid carbs." "Load up on carbs." "Drink lots of water with your meal." "Don't drink water with your meal." "Machines are better." "Weights are better." Blah, blah, blah.

Here's one of the most common:

"If I eat late at night, I'll gain weight."

What do you think–true or false?


It's false!  Weight gain occurs when you consume more calories (like that 5-billion-calorie donut she's holding) than
you “burn."

most people are more sedentary at night (does the term "couch potato"
mean anything??) and that's also when they eat the most.  So adding
exercise and more movement to your evenings can help offset some of the
excess calories. 

Moving more and eating less is a rule we ALL need to follow. You can read more here from the American Council on Exercise.

am not a registered dietitian, nor do I possess a degree in nutrition,
so recommending a specific diet or supplement would be beyond the scope
of my credentials.  I can, however, recommend modifications to your
current eating regimen and I can direct you to some very helpful

For eating, I highly recommend www.mypyramid.gov.
You can actually estimate your recommended calorie allowance based on
your age, sex, and activity level.  For a complete supplement
description, check out www.medlineplus.gov.

I've got lots more myths to debunk, so watch this space. (Got a myth? Leave it in a comment and I'll debunk it soon.)

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


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