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Bethanne’s Backstory


I began my journey in the fitness industry "accidentally" while attending State University of New York in New Paltz in the 1980s. I was pursuing a degree in business, and happened to take an elected class called “Strength Training for Women.”

As I struggled to keep up with the other students, the instructor shouted, “If you jiggle when you jog [referring to excess body fat], you better keep jogging!” 

J0321131Fighting to keep up with the class, I realized I needed to lose weight, quit smoking, and get fit. 

I was so inspired by the class and the changes I saw in myself and others that I minored in exercise science and began teaching aerobics at local gyms and for the university.

I even motivated my mother to lose 92 pounds, and now at the age of 79, she's in the best shape of her life!
In 1987 I was one of the first instructors to become an IDEA-certified dance exercise instructor (now known as ACE–the American Council on Exercise) and was also one of the first to be certified by Step Reebok in New York. I hold certifications in ACE Personal Training, Pilates by All American Fitness, and Kickboxing by Powerstrike. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in  Business/Exercise Science, from SUNY (State University of New York) New Paltz.

Most people don't know that I live with a physical disability and struggle with chronic dizziness and instability.  The way I look at it, exercise has actually saved me from being in more pain. I enjoy working with people with chronic pain and injuries because given my own situation, I KNOW exercise can actually improve their condition.

Today I'm my mid 40s and in better shape than I was in my early 20s. I'm proof that anybody (and any body) can be in great shape…no matter what your age! 

With 20 years of diverse background in cardio training, strength training, yoga, and Pilates, I try to make each workout unique and individualized based on my clients' needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

My philosophy for training is short and sweet: “Simply move!"  Use every possible muscle that you can while doing it!  The most important thing in an exercise program is variety. It helps to prevent boredom and also keeps your body from adapting to only one type of workout.

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For me, the key word is "fun," and when you come to one of my FUNIQ classes, you'll have so much fun, you'll forget you're working out!

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,